10 Benefits Of Cloud Computing | Betsol

software-engineering September 12th, 2019  8-minute read

Top 10 Cloud Computing Trends In 2020

Up until quite recently, many thought that cloud computing was just another fad, doomed to fade away like so many other technology fads. It generated ...

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DevOps In The Cloud | Betsol

devops May 13th, 2019  5-minute read

Top 4 Benefits of DevOps In the Cloud

Why are DevOps and the Cloud becoming two very different yet intertwined tools for businesses to utilize? What the benefits are to investing in the de...

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Rebit Announces New Partner and Reseller Program for PC Backup Software | Betsol

software-engineering July 13th, 2018  2-minute read

Rebit Announces New Partner and Reseller Program for PC Backup Software

Rebit’s award-winning PC Backup software has launched a new program for Partners and Resellers. Rebit is the consumer-favorite in PC Backup, prov...

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Top 3 Machine Learning Tools | Betsol

software-engineering thought-leadership February 16th, 2018  4-minute read

Top 3 Machine Learning Tools

Machine Learning is a hot topic but still seems somewhat "out of grasp" for most people. The reality is, machine learning is fairly accessible, partic...

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Machine Learning Shortcut - AutoML

software-engineering thought-leadership January 19th, 2018  3-minute read

The Machine Learning Shortcut – AutoML

Machine learning is in high demand! If you run an engineering organization, you're likely struggling to find qualified employees with Machine Learning...

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How to Make High Availability Web Applications On Amazon Web Services | Betsol

editors-pick software-engineering thought-leadership January 5th, 2018  10-minute read

How to Make High Availability Web Applications on Amazon Web Services

Have you been looking for a simple way to implement high availability for your web application? Amazon Web Services provides the entire foundation for...

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Manufacturing in IoT | Betsol

infrastructure thought-leadership September 9th, 2016  6-minute read

IoT for Manufacturing – 5 Expert Views on the 4th Industrial Revolution

Over the last few weeks, I've taken deep dives into how IoT (connectivity and Big Data) is completely changing different industries and sectors. Whil...

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Top 3 Home IoT Opportunities | Networking and Solutions | Betsol

software-engineering July 22nd, 2016  6-minute read

The Top 3 Home IoT Opportunities in 2016

The home and household IoT market represents massive opportunity for companies and consumers alike. Here are the top 3 home IoT opportunities right n...

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How DevOps Improves Quality Assurance for Software Engineering | Betsol

contact-center editors-pick thought-leadership June 3rd, 2016  10-minute read

Top 6 Contact Center Pricing Models and How to Choose Wisely

Maybe you’re ready to spin up a new contact center or change an existing one. Or perhaps you have a major upgrade coming and it’s worth sitting d...

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