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Hassle-Free Cloud Migration

Move your data and applications seamlessly to the right cloud configuration, leveraging BETSOL's multi-cloud expertise and automation solutions.

Hybrid Clouds are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Over the years, enterprises are routing sensitive data through on-prem servers while leveraging public cloud providers for delivering applications at scale.

Stronger Reliability and Durability

Major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform offer robust uptime SLAs. If the cloud zone architecture is done correctly, there is virtually no downtime experienced, making public cloud providers the preferred destination for application deployments.

Cloud Offers Stronger Reliability
Seamless workflow-automation

Seamless Automation Workflows

Automation helps reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. BETSOL's solutions enable complex automation and integrations to be configured with just a few clicks.

Scale Without Worry

On-premise servers are limited to the geographic zone they are set up in. Thus, user experience across the globe may suffer as each request must travel the nearest on-premise server location. By configuring the proper solution on AWS, Azure, or GCP, BETSOL can enable you to span the globe and scale from 0 to millions of users.


BETSOL Brings Extensive Cloud Expertise and Advanced Solutions

Migration to the cloud is a complex effort for any company. Integrating private clouds, public clouds, and legacy IT environments is a challenge.

At BETSOL, we have built the capabilities and competence to thoroughly understand your business requirements and implement the best hybrid-cloud configuration, at scale.


BETSOL's Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Infrastructure Management
Cloud Migration
Cloud Transformation
Cloud Security and Compliance
PCI Compliance
FIPS Compliance
1 click recovery
DevOps Automation
Application Modernization
Robotic Process Automation

Our Process for Cloud Migration

Discovery and Analysis

In this phase, we work extensively with the IT team of the client to understand dependencies and legacy requirements. This helps us determine the best Hybrid Cloud fit for your business requirements.

Planning and Architecting

In this phase, we work on prioritizing applications and architecting remediations to help you gain agility with favourable economics.


With thoughtful planning, we proceed with the migration efforts ensuring a smooth transition, along with a management plan to help stay on track.

Our Results for Our Enterprise Customers

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Improved the application availability from 99.5 (provided by Google Cloud) to 99.95 through regional cluster deployment.

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Process reengineering across cloud and design changes leading to:
- 63% reduction in outages over 2 years
- 55% reduction in ticket volume over 2 years

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Infrastructure automation using Ansible for 450+ servers resulted in a productivity gain of 400%.

BETSOL Strengths

Strong Technical Alignment

Our teams frequently work on highly complex requirements adhering to industry best practices and code audits.

Modern Tech Stack

Technologies change quickly. At BETSOL, we prioritize building our capabilities on the most promising technologies.

Certified Partnerships

Our team's hard work has given us the privilege of being awarded by Avaya, Microsoft, AWS, NMSDC, and many more.

NPS 2X the Industry Average

We work hard to exceed our customer's expectations. And that is reflected in our Net Promoter Score being twice the industry average at 78%.

World Class Results

Our focus is on developing cutting edge software applications and providing support services for our customers.

Certified Partnerships and Proven Reliability

At BETSOL, we work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and deliver the best solution possible with strong economics. This has given us the privilege of being certified by different industry leaders and our process-driven approach enables us to adhere to strong compliance certifications.


Innovation Lab

Due to changing technologies and evolving frameworks, we have a team of dedicated geeky engineers who always update themselves with the most recent developments. This ensures that every project we work on, we can offer our best work to our customers and never compromise speed to market with quality.

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