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Substantial Hybrid Cloud Storage and Backups.

Zmanda provides fully-automated, cost-optimized backup and recovery for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi, Google Cloud, and fully-managed Zmanda Cloud Storage.

Effortless Integration of Tape Libraries With ZMC

Zmanda provides a unique multi-tiered backup that utilizes various tape storage media and perfectly integrates with Zmanda Management Console (ZMC) .

Backups Isolated Through Vault Functionalities

Zmanda provides an extra layer of protection to your essential data with vaulting functionalities that allow you to choose only those backup sets you want to run vault jobs at any time you want.

Lightning-Fast Containerized Deployments

Zmanda provides the most comprehensive and flexible solutions for containers that secure your on-premises and hybrid-cloud environments.

How Zmanda helps clients succeed

"Zmanda’s Amanda Enterprise Edition has an attractive GUI and it works well with Linux. I’m able to recover the system using basic Linux tar and gzip commands without Zmanda or Amanda. When it comes to recovering data, you don’t want a lot of dependencies. Every morning, I have peace of mind after looking at the Zmanda backup logs.”

Ray Zhu

Senior IT Manager, Vyatta

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