Cloud-Native Application Development

Embrace cloud-first methodologies to build,
run and operate scalable applications.

Cloud-Native Application Development

Enable your developers to write code without worrying about infrastructure. Deliver applications capable of instantly scaling to millions of users, while establishing best-in-class security and quality. BETSOL will drive your cloud-native development with serverless architecture, microservices, and containers.

Go cloud-native with BETSOL.

Focus on your applications, and become more competitive

With BETSOL’s Cloud-Native Development services, application development is made independent of the infrastructure it will be deployed on. This gives you the flexibility to create the best code possible without catering to infrastructure limitations.

Reduce operational overhead

With BETSOL’s automated deployment checks and infrastructure management, fewer bugs are released into production. It helps reduce the workload on cloud engineers, freeing them for new strategic and revenue-generating initiatives.

Instant scaling across different geographies

With BETSOL’s expertise in AWS, GCP, and Azure, you can abstract away all infrastructure necessary to deploy code. This allows you to automatically scale up and down on-the-fly based on traffic and distributed geographic loads.

Meet our partners.

At BETSOL, we work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and deliver the best solution possible with strong economics. This has given us the privilege of being certified by different industry leaders. Our process-driven approach enables us to adhere to strong compliance certifications. 

BETSOL's expertise in cloud-native development.

Over the last 20+ years, we have developed the right expertise, processes, and
automation tools that have enabled us to deliver on highly-complex enterprise
development projects.

Gain cloud confidence with improved
development paths & agile mindset.

Strong technical alignment

Our teams frequently work on highly complex requirements adhering to industry best practices and code audits.

Modern tech

Technologies change quickly. At BETSOL, we prioritize building our capabilities on the most promising technologies.


Our team's hard work has given us the privilege of being awarded by Avaya, Microsoft, AWS, NMSDC, and many more.

NPS 2x the industry average

We work hard to exceed our customer's expectations. And that is reflected in our Net Promoter Score being twice the industry average at 78%.


At BETSOL, we believe in quality and the best way to achieve that is through processes. All projects go through 5 stages - Assessment, Planning, Proof-of-Concept, Application Migration and Optimizations. 

Multi-cloud approach

BETSOL’s multi-cloud strategy helps you reduce disasters, avoid disruptions, and enhance the availability of applications.

Cost optimization

With BETSOL’s right scaling strategize your infrastructure cost can be optimized.

Continuous investment innovation

With BETSOL’s R&D investment for new/next generation technology and dedicated labs/Centres of Excellence, you can count on richer digital future. 

Extend and expand with
our enormous cloud capabilities.

We transform your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient through the power of New IT. This reduces expenses and improves efficiency so your team can pursue strategic and revenue-generating initiatives.

BETSOL partners with businesses to transform their digital capabilities through a frictionless migration of their existing applications and platforms to the Cloud environment that best suits their requirements-public, private, or hybrid.

Kubernetes empowers cloud-native development and provides easy scaling based on business needs. This ensures preparedness for unforeseen usage spikes without compromising service quality.

We address complex data and application migrations to improve scalability and availability while optimizing security, geography, and regulatory compliance. It further reduces downtime, optimizes data costs and improves durability.

With over 15 years of experience in managing systems, we provide top-notch private cloud solutions to our customers for enhanced security, easy custom configuration, and compliance.

We work with enterprises and stakeholders to analyse market trends, reallocate internal resources and adapt to evolving environments faster, enabling a greater competitive edge.

We are one global team.
We embrace to create 360° value everywhere.

BETSOL Innovations Lab

Due to changing technologies and evolving frameworks, we have a team of dedicated geeky
engineers who always update themselves with the most recent developments. This ensures that for
every project we work on, we can offer our best work to our customers and never compromise on
speed to market with quality.

Cloud-based insights in action

We make cloud-native easy. Let's get started
with your cloud-native transformation today.

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