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At BETSOL, we're dedicated to attracting, retaining, and cultivating the next generation of talent. With Equality being a core value, we focus on providing a fair and equitable hiring process that allows us to assess candidates based on skillset and potential.

Our new graduates work on real projects that affect how our business runs, giving them the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the future of our company. 

Your path to BETSOL

At BETSOL, if you are an on-campus hire, rest assured that a gamut of new opportunities is open for you to explore your interest and move up the career ladder. Learn more about your path to BETSOL.


There's more inside than you ever imagined

If you want to be part of something amazing and help create a better future-we have an opening for that. Take a closer look.

Internship Programs

Our interns are part of the BETSOL family. No matter your field of study or level of degree, our internships provide entry-level opportunities that include real-world projects. Enjoy the fun of collaborating with diverse teams while working on live projects.

No bench period policy

One of the principles of our transparent hiring policy for entry-level hires is “no bench awaiting” for active projects. This means that there are no scheduled gaps of waiting period for the deployment of active projects for our resources. On completion, get deployed to projects, and get going.

Professional development courses

For rising BETSOL-ites, we identify the knowledge gaps and redefine career development by providing regular top-notch training sessions. You get exposure to virtual industry-leading Career & Professional Development courses that empowers you to lead to greater opportunities and gain long-term success.

Gain exposure to senior leaders

In addition to being paired 1-1 with a mentor (aka trail guide), and support from their manager, our grads also have unprecedented access to our BETSOL Leadership team.

Best open source projects

We embrace our open-source contributors and create communities where you can easily get your feet wet and find your way in coding, testing, and documentation. Get exposure to development best practices, how the “pros” do things, and more. Get hands-on experience, and be a part of thriving open-source projects.

R&D that’s truly end-to-end

When you’re a part of BETSOL R&D, you’re part of a diverse group of innovative, multi-skilled individuals working at the forefront of product development that will delight consumers. Bright minds come together to innovate some of the world’s most technologically sound products that are just right for billions of consumers. From Day 1.

Technology stack

Be the jacks of all trades as you work with the design aspect of software the clients interact with as well as the coding and structuring of the server end. Take a look at the list of tech stack you get to work with at BETSOL.


BETSOL-ites on the rise

We hire grads across the globe for all of our different business segments. The numbers have only been rising since then. This is your chance to work with the people who are changing the world.

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We’re looking for all kinds of people

At BETSOL, we look for new grads who are ready to dive into our codebase and have an immediate impact on our products and the millions of lives it touches. Our exponential growth over the past year has come with immense technical challenges. As a new grad, you will be trusted with diverse, critical projects, and you'll be empowered to build tools, features, and infrastructure, often from scratch.

We welcome technically agile new grads who are passionate about reimagining technology and seek to be part of a company that's creating a new kind of global community.

Group 91

Hear directly from the future of BETSOL

Mihir Prabhu | Associate Software Engineer

"My time at BETSOL so far has been perfect. They were one of the first companies I interviewed for and right from day one, I felt at ease. My mentors at BETSOL ensured that my learning process was very informative, fun, and my transition to working full time was smooth. I feel right at home now!"

Mihir Prabhu | Associate Software Engineer
Digital Marketing Team

"The first job interview is always nerve-wracking. But the BETSOL family made it so smooth and easy. From being an intern to a full-time employee, it's been incredible. At BETSOL I get to pursue my passion for cybersecurity. I have the space for everything and anything."

Prachi Sabarad | Associate Software Engineer
Security Team


"Starting from the interview process to date, it has been an interesting learning experience for me at BETSOL. Even during my internship here, my opinions were valued. I felt heard. That was when I knew I found my habitat where I could grow, thrive, and become successful. "

Shreyas Bhaskar | Associate Software Engineer
Rebit Development Team

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