About Us

About Us

Our History

BETSOL's founder and CEO, Ashok Reddy came to the US a student in 1999 and completed his Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Kansas State University.

Ashok started working for Avaya in 2001 and used his weekends to work on innovative, scalable solutions. From this grew BETSOL, which was established in December 2002.

In 2006, BETSOL India was registered to build solutions for early clients and also prototype a social media initiative. A few years later, Ashok Reddy became a permanent resident of the US which then gave him the ability to pursue BETSOL full time.

As of 2021, BETSOL has grown to more than 500 employees with customers in more than 40 countries.

BETSOL is committed to giving back to the engineering community by donating, mentoring, and providing scholarships.

Inception Of Betsol | Betsol

A Conversation with Our CEO, Ashok Reddy

BETSOL is a data management and intelligent automation company offering products and solutions to both enterprises and consumers.

BETSOL’s data management brands include Rebit (Rebitgo.com) and Zmanda (Zmanda.com). BETSOL also has an intelligent automation line that is comprised of products and professional services under the LeTo brand (Leto.co).

Additionally, BETSOL Global IT Services builds and supports end-to-end enterprise solutions, reducing time-to-market for our customers.

Our engineering team, with its several patents, delivers award-winning products and solutions in over 40 countries.

Our Values & Culture

BETSOL believes in constant learning and improvement. We foster this through mentorship, books, videos, classes, and innovative experimentation.

We want to enable our team members to be the best they can be so that they can take pride in their work and be in a happy place when they think BETSOL.

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BETSOL's Key Values

Honesty and Integrity

Believe in What You Do

Enjoy the Journey

BETSOL gives back by working towards a better education for all and by caring for the environment. We provide scholarships to students and are passionate about green initiatives.

In 2018, Ashok Reddy was awarded the Professional Progress Award from Kansas State University. BETSOL has been a strong supporter of the Engineering Department over the years and donated a $40,000 gift to the university's scholars program. BETSOL continues to be involved with mentoring and offering internships to Kansas State University students and hiring graduates.

Our Workspace

The BETSOL offices are designed to drive collaboration by being open, fun, and engaging.

Betsol Office Workspace Bangalore, India | Betsol
Betsol Office Workspace Bangalore, India | Betsol
Pool Table @Betsol Office Workspace Broomfield, USA | Betsol
Betsol Office Workspace Broomfield, USA | Betsol

Are You a Good Fit for Our Team?

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