Zmanda Endpoint Backup

Cloud-based endpoint
data backup made simple.

A cost-effective, self-serviced endpoint data protection solution for improved cyber resilience designed with simplicity & scale in mind.

The endpoint element

Unmatched protection. No compromises.

With comprehensive coverage, solid security, and savings, Zmanda
Endpoint Backup protects your data today — and tomorrow. 

End-to-end encryption for comprehensive security

Client-side AES-256 encryption of backed-up data and best-in-class key management.

Optimized continuous backup

Incremental changes to files are backed up while minimizing system resources and network utilization to keep your employees productive.

Enterprise-grade features you expect

Manage your company at scale, with SSO, RBAC, MDM support, and a simple web-based administration of devices, users, and backup workflows.

Included managed storage powered by Wasabi

Cloud storage is bundled in our all-inclusive low price. A few clicks to back up your company. No complex setup required.

Maximum storage utilization with data deduplication

Reduce network traffic and storage costs with client-side deduplication and compression.

Protection against ransomware attacks

Ensure the safety of your data by securing your backups from ransomware attacks.

Protecting data since 1991

With Zmanda Endpoint Backup, you
get all of this and more!

Cloud-based endpoint data backup and recovery

  • User-initiated restore with self-service capability
  • Client-side data deduplication technology
  • Continuous incremental backup strategy
  • Granular control of data backup with backup templates

End-to-end data security with cloud backup

  • Customer data access restricted to authorized users
  • AES 256-bit client-side encryption for stored data
  • Data in transit secured with TLS 1.2
  • Industry-leading, modern key management
  • Shield your data from ransomware attacks and ensure recovery
  • Stay informed with desktop application notifications for every vital event

Maximize endpoint efficiency through organization management

  • User-level access management with RBAC
  • Centralized authentication with SAML-based SSO
  • Remote management through cloud-based technology
  • All-in-one, re-imagined subscription management
  • Backup and restore from file explorer seamlessly
  • Monitor device health for improved uptime
  • Onboard users quickly and easily with bulk user addition
  • Restore your Windows user settings across different devices to reduce downtime

Manage your backups efficiently with user groups

  • Classify users into specific groups based on team affiliation or required data
  • Simplify backup management for administrators in your organization
  • Ensure reliable and cost-effective backups for all teams
  • And optimize storage

The endpoint


In the dynamic world of technology, win the battle for seamless backups.

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Yes, we offer Single Sign-on (SSO) feature with Zmanda Endpoint Backup to simplify the login process and enhance the security aspect for the organizations.

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial to experience Zmanda Endpoint Backup in your backup environment. After the trial ends, you can select the plan as per your requirement to continue using Zmanda Endpoint Backup.

Zmanda Endpoint Backup uses cloud powered by Wasabi to store your backup.

Zmanda Endpoint Backup implements a variety of security measures to safeguard your data. These measures include access control mechanisms, protection against ransomware attacks, robust 256-bit AES encryption, secure TLS 1.2 encryption for data in transit, and key management utilizing HashiCorp Vault.

Zmanda Endpoint Backup can run seamlessly on any PC running Windows 10 and above without requiring additional hardware or software.

You get 24*7 support with Zmanda Endpoint Backup software. We want our customers to have a hassle-free backup experience.

Zmanda Endpoint Backup provides a simple and cost-effective solution to back up Windows laptops and desktops. You also get easy and centralized management of the organization, role-based access control, the option to configure SSO, complete control over organization’s backup, MDM deployment support, auto-updates, granular recovery, and data deduplication.

Are you looking to tackle some of the biggest challenges around enterprise disaster recovery?

Zmanda is the world's leading provider of enterprise open-source backup and recovery products. Zmanda Enterprise Backup & Recovery (EBR) has brought about a radical change in the backup & recovery space and helps enterprises dramatically reduce data management costs.