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Utilizing the power of the Now Platform®, BETSOL creates digital workflows that transform processes, meeting the expectations of both employees and customers. Our strategic, consultative approach enables you to leverage the full potential of ServiceNow, running digital workflows at scale throughout your organization.

BETSOL helps you envision and create the perfect digital solution for your business success. Our cross-enterprise digital workflows foster innovation, agility, and enhanced overall experiences. Benefit from a variety of industry-specific solutions and accelerators to streamline your processes efficiently. We help you easily extend ServiceNow across all areas of your business, from IT and HR to customer service, boosting productivity throughout your organization.

Comprehensive IT service management capabilities

Service Desk

  • Incident ticket logging and tracking.
  • Service request fulfillment and management.
  • Providing end-user support and assistance.


  • Incident prioritization and categorization.
  • Incident investigation and diagnosis.
  • Incident resolution and recovery.


  • Problem investigation and analysis.
  • PRoot cause identification and elimination.
  • PProblem resolution and closure.


  • Change request submission and approval.
  • Change impact analysis and risk assessment.
  • Change implementation planning and execution.


  • Release planning and coordination.
  • Release testing and validation.
  • Release deployment and monitoring.


  • Configuration identification and control.
  • Configuration baseline management and tracking.
  • Configuration auditing and reporting.

Service Level

  • Service level agreement (SLA) negotiation and creation.
  • Service level monitoring and reporting.
  • Service level review and improvement.

IT Asset

  • Asset inventory tracking and management.
  • Service request fulfillment and management.
  • Asset lifecycle management, asset utilization reporting, and analysis.

Our ServiceNow experts have helped clients:

Successfully implement strategies that resulted in a significant 50% improvement in deflection rates.

Streamline workflows for smooth task completion and enhanced efficiency.

Foster a more agile and adaptive business environment.

Yield a remarkable 30% improvement in overall work productivity.

Experience a notable 4x faster turnaround time, enhancing responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

Accelerate delivery speed by threefold, ensuring that projects are completed promptly.

Achieve a remarkable 50% reduction in change tickets, minimizing disruptions and improving overall system stability.

Implement IT Service Management (ITSM) functionalities with up to 25-40% improvement in incident resolution times.

Automate repetitive and manual tasks to increase operational efficiency.

Make organizational and business process changes to adapt and increase the usage and value of ServiceNow.

Implement on a global scale with complex multilingual experiences.

Why choose BETSOL’s ServiceNow services?

Experienced Team

An experienced and professional team of ServiceNow Developers will help you with all your business requirements.

Technical Expertise

Our experienced developers are committed to delivering innovative and user-centric solutions.


Our experts secure your sensitive business data with top-grade protection through ServiceNow security schemes, ensuring modern standards, enhanced data protection, and seamless compliance.

24x7 Support

Our in-house teams work for you round the clock to solve your queries and deliver smooth operations.

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