Networking Solutions

Enhance network security and performance
for a modern, decentralized, and BYOD
work environment.

BETSOL's advanced Network Management Systems.

BETSOL offers comprehensive solutions for the deployment, management, and orchestration of your network and infrastructure operations. Whether it's a modern cloud setup, a hybrid cloud environment, or on-premise components, BETSOL has got you covered.

With cloud networking, you get greater flexibility and scalability. BETSOL enables you to modernize your operations securely and effectively while reducing administrative overhead.

Why choose Networking Solutions?

Intelligent Network Operations and Architecture

It maximizes up-time and availability with our modern architecture, monitoring, outage management, backup, and disaster recovery.

Proactive Security

It proactively measures the security of your network resources by using advanced security tools

Third-Party Vendor and Cloud Management

The tool assists in managing integrations, monitoring services, tracking performance, handling service requests, and evaluating security 

What we do 

Over the years, our proficiency in Network Management has expanded and we
take pride in highlighting a few of our notable strengths out of
the vast array of services we offer.


Specialized in providing vulnerability assessments, effective access management, and managing internet service providers.


We take care of VPN, Load Balancers Domain Name System (DNS), and IP Address Management


We make everything possible in Routing, Switching, Firewalls

Explore our cloud partner ecosystem

Our partnerships provide us with access to the latest technologies,
innovative solutions, and expert knowledge to help us meet the evolving
needs of our customers.

Our leading Networking
Solutions operations

24x7 Monitoring

  • Routing
  • Firewalls
  • Load balancers
  • Virtualization
  • Telephony
  • Cloud
  • Database
  • Application
  • Storage
  • Switching

Security & Backup

  • Anti-virus, Client
  • Client
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing
  • End-point
  • Server
  • Audit
  • Full environment backup
  • Proactive testing
  • Backup monitoring
  • Finding remediation and documentation


  • SSL certificate renewal
  • Environment sizing
  • Performance management
  • Configuration management
  • Disaster recovery testing
  • Patching


  • Moves
  • Changes
  • Adds
  • Deletes
  • Client Requests
  • FTP Reuests
  • Audits
  • Zero-day patching
  • URL filtering

Reporting and Documentation

  • KPI management
  • Bench-marking and validation
  • Security evidence
  • Process Documentation
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Regular operation and executive reports

Discover our Infrastructure
and Support capabilities

Achieve security and compliance for your enterprise and mid-sized business with our professional services and solutions that protect your hardware and data from potential cyberattacks.

Security services

With our enterprise-grade expertise in infrastructure automation and patented infrastructure management toolsets, we aim to improve overall security, reduce time-to-market and unsuccessful deployments.

Leverage BETSOL's expertise to create a clear roadmap of cloud transition by assessing your virtualization, application modernization, and cloud computing opportunities. Our virtualization services centralize administrative tasks and reduce hardware costs while improving scalability and workloads.

We approach SecOps through a zero-trust strategy, automating critical handoff points, and helping prioritize risks across hybrid-cloud environments. Enable seamless collaborations between DevOps and SecOps through automating builds and identifying risks before they become breaches.

Our expertise in Backups and Data Management helps you strategize enterprise resiliency. We provide a turn-key solution that allows you to securely protect your critical workloads and instantly recover your real-time applications when a disaster strikes. Every second matters, during downtime.

Our storage expertise spans from modern multi-cloud optimization to cost-effective tape archives. We provide server, client, and end-point data backup with proactive testing and monitoring.

Our service monitoring at a glance

Industry insights

Our proven strengths

Strong technical alignment

Our teams consistently tackle challenging projects and adhere to industry standards through thorough code audits and adherence to best practices.

Modern Tech Stack

Technologies change quickly. At BETSOL, we prioritize building our capabilities on the most promising technologies.

Certified Partnerships

Our team's hard work has given us the privilege of being awarded by Avaya, Microsoft, AWS, NMSDC, and more.

NPS 2X the Industry Average

We work hard to exceed our customer's expectations and that is reflected in our Net Promoter Score being twice the industry average at 78%.

Process driven

Every project we undertake undergoes five distinct stages, including Assessment, Planning, Proof-of-Concept, Application Migrations and Optimizations, to ensure that we provide the best possible results.

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