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zmanda 5.1

news January 11th, 2024  4-minute read

Introducing Zmanda 5.1: Faster Backups and Cost Savings with Integrated Disaster Recovery & Deduplication

Key features of Zmanda 5.1: Easily modify log levels for better debugging and performance insights Additional hardening and security measures ...

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Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.7

news October 12th, 2023  3-minute read

Release Update: Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.7 Delivers Enhanced Continuous Data Protection

Key Features of Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.7 Include: Onboard users quickly and easily with bulk user addition Stay informed with desktop applic...

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zmanda 5.1

news July 31st, 2023  3-minute read

Release Announcement: Introducing Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.6

Broomfield, Colorado, January 2023 BETSOL is pleased to announce the release of Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.6. This release adds user groups function...

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zmanda endpoint backup

news July 31st, 2023  5-minute read

Announcement: Introducing Zmanda Endpoint Backup for Managed Service Providers & Resellers

Key features: Centralized subaccount and organization management. Simple and fast deployment. Effortlessly manage customers' expanding busi...

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Press Release | Betsol

news May 31st, 2023  3-minute read

BETSOL Announces the Release of Zmanda 5.0

BETSOL is pleased to announce the release of the release of the all-new feature-packed - Zmanda 5.0. This release offers a range of unique features d...

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Betsol announces Amanda release

news May 2nd, 2023  1-minute read

BETSOL Announces 3.5.3 Release of Amanda Community Edition

Broomfield, Colorado, May 2023  BETSOL, a data management and intelligent automation company presents the launch of Amanda 3.5.3, our latest ...

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news April 5th, 2023  3-minute read

Zmanda, a BETSOL company, & Wasabi Partner to Provide a Highly Cost-Effective & Scalable Managed Cloud Storage Solution

Broomfield, Colorado, April 2023– Zmanda, a BETSOL company that provides reliable enterprise backup and recovery solutions, has announced its partn...

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XSELL and BETSOL partnership

news March 30th, 2023  3-minute read

BETSOL and XSELL Partner to Deliver Generative AI-Powered, Turnkey Solution for Contact Centers that Improves Sales Conversions by 20%

BETSOL and XSELL Technologies have partnered to deliver a high-value, generative AI-powered contact center solution designed to identify, automate, a...

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Zmanda 4.3 press release BETSOL

news February 13th, 2023  3-minute read

BETSOL Announces the Release of All-New Zmanda 4.3

BETSOL is pleased to announce the release of Zmanda 4.3, the backup and disaster recovery solution for your enterprise. This new release includes ...

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news quarterly-highlights February 9th, 2023  1-minute read

BETSOL Ramps up Cloud Enablement Capabilities

BETSOL added 131 industry certifications in 2022 taking the total to over 350. These certifications cover a wide range of cloud-enablement services o...

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news quarterly-highlights January 29th, 2023  1-minute read

BETSOL Announces 5 New Data Management Partners

BETSOL is pleased to announce 5 new partnerships that enhance the long-term value proposition for Zmanda customers. In addition to the strategic W...

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news November 4th, 2022  3-minute read

BETSOL Announces Zmanda’s Partnership With Fronix Sdn Bhd to Provide a Secure Enterprise Backup Solution

Zmanda, a BETSOL company and a global leader in providing open-source backup and recovery software, is pleased to announce its partnership with Froni...

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Zmanda and Akshara Partnership

news October 28th, 2022  3-minute read

BETSOL Announces Zmanda’s Partnership With Akshara Enterprises India to Offer Optimized Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

BETSOL is pleased to announce the partnership between Zmanda, the world’s leading provider of enterprise backup and recovery products, and Akshara ...

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