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Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology

business-intelligence editors-pick May 17th, 2021  5-minute read

Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology: A Match Made in Heaven In the wake of industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and information te...

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The Difference Between UAT, Alpha Testing And Beta Testing | Betsol

business-intelligence editors-pick thought-leadership November 18th, 2019  7-minute read

The Difference Between UAT, Alpha Testing, and Beta Testing

This post covers an approach to handling User-Acceptance, Alpha, and Beta Testing in an Agile environment. In modern software development, there are m...

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Trello And LeTo Business | Betsol

business-intelligence devops software-engineering August 1st, 2019  6-minute read

Using Trello and LeTo in Your Business

Trello has made its mark on the business community as one of the more popular task management services available. More than just a resource for ind...

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How Big Data Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing | Betsol

business-intelligence thought-leadership October 28th, 2016  4-minute read

How Big Data is Revolutionizing Manufacturing in 2016

Big Data is in its heyday, and while it's causing all sorts of privacy concerns in some sectors, the Manufacturing Sector is another story. Big use ca...

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Big Data And Analytics For Healthcare | Business Intelligence & Wearable Devices | Betsol

business-intelligence July 28th, 2015  4-minute read

Big Data and Analytics for Healthcare

In this article, you'll find great trends and benchmarks on big data and analytics for health care. It will dive into a discussion of patient data, B...

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