Zmanda, a BETSOL company, & Wasabi Partner to Provide a Highly Cost-Effective & Scalable Managed Cloud Storage Solution

Broomfield, Colorado, April 2023– Zmanda, a BETSOL company that provides reliable enterprise backup and recovery solutions, has announced its partnership with Wasabi, a highly-affordable hot cloud object storage provider. This partnership brings you a reliable, secure way to back up your data to the cloud while saving 80% on the end-to-end solution.

Zmanda Cloud Storage, powered by Wasabi, offers a seamless solution for Zmanda customers to back up their workloads to the cloud with a simple click of a button. It is done within the Zmanda Management Console (ZMC), a web-based interface that allows you to manage your entire organization’s backups in one place. With this partnership, customers can expect enterprise backup and recovery and cloud storage solutions at 80% less than the competition.

Key Features of Zmanda and Wasabi Joint Solutions

  • Zmanda automatically provisions and manages cloud storage to meet your usage needs, centralizing your billing, and right-sizing your invoice to save you money
  • Ransomware protection with immutable cloud storage to strongly protect your backed-up data from attacks
  • No egress fees, API expenses, or capital expenditures for physical storage
  • Automatic data replication across multiple availability zones for redundancy and protection
  • Client-side data deduplication for optimized storage
  • Simultaneous backups to tape, NAS, and other cloud destinations to achieve 3-2-1 backup and archive needs
  • Install in 15 minutes with prepacked deployments
  • Strong security with end-to-end encryption, BYOK, LDAP, SSO, and RBAC

“We are pleased to partner with Wasabi. The Zmanda and Wasabi combination is cost-effective because it minimizes the requirement for on-premises hardware and allows businesses to realize the benefits of scalable cloud storage. Our government-certified EBR software provides an unshakable foundation, and when it’s linked to Wasabi’s hot cloud storage, we can provide multi-tiered protection within a streamlined solution.”

Pavan Raj | Director of Corporate Development at Zmanda | BETSOL

Zmanda Cloud Storage powered by Wasabi offers secure data backup that protects against ransomware, data loss, and corruption while also providing cost savings and premium support. By eliminating the need for additional hardware and operational overhead, this joint solution makes it easy for you to save money while ensuring that your data is stored safely and securely.

About Zmanda

Zmanda, a BETSOL company, is an award-winning world’s leading provider of open-source backup and recovery software. Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Zmanda has protected over 1 million servers and served customers in 40+ countries since 1991.

Coupled with enterprise-grade backup and recovery capabilities of petabytes of data, Zmanda provides the most comprehensive and flexible solutions for containers that secure your on-premises and hybrid-cloud environments. To learn more, visit

About Wasabi

Wasabi is the hot cloud storage company delivering disruptive storage technology that is 1/5th the price of Amazon S3 and faster than the competition with no fees for egress or API requests. Unlike first-generation cloud vendors, Wasabi focuses solely on providing the world’s best cloud storage platform. Created by Carbonite co-founders and cloud storage pioneers David Friend and Jeff Flowers, Wasabi is on a mission to commoditize the storage industry. Wasabi is a privately held company based in Boston, MA. To learn more, visit


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