Rebit Announces New Partner and Reseller Program for PC Backup Software

Rebit’s award-winning PC Backup software has launched a new program for Partners and Resellers.

Rebit is the consumer-favorite in PC Backup, providing “ridiculously simple” software for backing up Windows PCs and Servers. Rebit has earned numerous awards and currently protects hundreds of thousands of customers.

Rebit’s Partner and Reseller Program

Rebit is now pleased to announce a Partner and Reseller Program, giving technical support and resale companies the opportunity to earn revenue and provide great value-add services to their customers through Rebit.

Partners and Resellers are able to provide highly flexible backup solutions to their clients, allowing them to back up files and full-system images to multiple destinations, including local, network, and cloud. Partners can manage their customers through the Rebit Partner Dashboard.

Rebit PC Backup Software Capabilities

Additionally, Rebit has many other notable features. “Continuous data protection” ensures backups are updated as soon as file changes are made. Full-image recovery is also available with “one-click restore.”

Rebit’s technology is protected by numerous patents. But despite Rebit’s industry-leading feature set, it maintains ease-of-use for its customers. The core principle behind Rebit is to keep things “ridiculously simple,” which explains its dedicated user base.

Learn More about the Rebit Partner and Reseller Program

Because of the robust nature of Rebit, Partners and Resellers can meet the many use cases of their diverse customer base, whether individuals or small businesses.

The Rebit Partner and Reseller Program provides the ability to earn recurring revenue, receive great support, and provide value-add to existing services offers. There are no minimums, it scales easily, and special incentives such as white-labeling can be provided to high-volume Partners.

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