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BETSOL Onboards Record Number of Employees During Second Week of July

infrastructure quarterly-highlights July 22nd, 2021  1-minute read

BETSOL Onboards Record Number of Employees During Second Week of July

As BETSOL continues to grow its product lines, services business, and research and development, we have accelerated hiring to new levels. July is off...

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Zmanda 4.1 Release Preview

infrastructure July 8th, 2021  1-minute read

BETSOL Announces Upcoming Zmanda 4.1 Release

BETSOL is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its enterprise data management solution, Zmanda 4.1, which will be generally available in Septe...

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Apply for Betsol 2019 Scholorship | Betsol

infrastructure August 22nd, 2018  1-minute read

BETSOL Announces Spring 2019 Scholarship

BETSOL is excited to announce a Spring 2019 scholarship for Computer Science students! We would like to encourage students to apply for this new oppor...

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How to Deploy an Application On AWS Serverless Architecture | Betsol

infrastructure June 16th, 2017  3-minute read

How to Deploy an Application on AWS Serverless Architecture

We know that in order to deploy an application, we must have either an application server or a web server. But, we’re now in a new era and this is n...

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Manufacturing in IoT | Betsol

infrastructure thought-leadership September 9th, 2016  6-minute read

IoT for Manufacturing – 5 Expert Views on the 4th Industrial Revolution

Over the last few weeks, I've taken deep dives into how IoT (connectivity and Big Data) is completely changing different industries and sectors. Whil...

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7 Tactics of Infrastructure Management Leaders | Betsol

infrastructure thought-leadership June 10th, 2016  6-minute read

7 Tactics of Infrastructure Management Leaders

If you're running infrastructure management for your company, you're well aware that any slip up in performance causes some serious problems for your ...

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What Is The Cost Of Infrastructure Downtime? | Betsol

infrastructure thought-leadership May 20th, 2016  6-minute read

3 Ways to Benchmark Your Infrastructure Management

The infrastructure of running modern enterprises is a company's lifeblood. Any company’s ability to service customers, make sales, and run operation...

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Best SME in IT for Infrastructure Management | Betsol

infrastructure August 4th, 2015  2-minute read

BETSOL Named Best SME in IT 2015 for Infrastructure Management

BETSOL has thrived in IT Infrastructure Management, and has been recognized by both the marketplace and analysts. As of early 2015, BETSOL supports ...

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How To Optimize Infrastructure Support Services | Betsol

infrastructure thought-leadership June 24th, 2015  5-minute read

How to Optimize Infrastructure Support Services

This article is a look at the people and processes of best-in-class, cost-effective infrastructure support services. You'll find how to optimize infra...

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IAUG Converge 2015 | Powering Global Communications | Betsol

infrastructure May 26th, 2015  2-minute read

BETSOL at IAUG – Optimizing Infrastructure Support Services

At the upcoming International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) Converge 2015 event in Denver, representatives from BETSOL will be sharing excellent benchmar...

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