DevOps Continuous Integration in Action – 7 Minute Video

Explaining DevOps Continuous Integration, Code Changes, Real-Time Testing, and Continuous Delivery can only go so far. We’ve written about it plenty. Seeing an actual code change in action makes all the difference.

Our DevOps model has evolved over time as we have constantly adopted leading-edge technologies and platforms to improve productivity and reduce our time spent on redundant tasks. DevOps Engineers help teams adopt a more hands-free approach in software development. Effective DevOps Leadership understands each team has its own unique processes and technologies, so retaining the good practices while automating a broad variety of tasks, DevOps is able to create an efficient, fluid process for software delivery.

With that background, here’s the demo, including a real-time view of code being updated, tested, and delivered to production.

Leto is an automation engine and a DevOps practice that integrates various cloud systems that can be used in Xylo in an Agile Environment. The video demonstrates how our DevOps model is set up for one of the cloud applications we maintain using Amazon Web Services.

The demo pushes a simple UI change to our recruitment platform. Following the change workflow, you’ll see the change propagate through various stages and environments until it finally becomes part of the production build. I would also point out that the technology stack and the toolset pertain to only this demonstration and our process is in no way dependent on the use of these technologies only. The tech stack can be replaced with others that your organization uses, without having to make any major changes to the architecture​.

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When the command is successfully executed, Leto uses the current version of the code and initiates the deployment process. Leto provides a dashboard facility that can be used to track the tasks that are being executed. You’ll also see the server’s hardware statistics and availability.

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