Betsol Video - One Team One Dream | Betsol

software-engineering November 1st, 2019  1-minute read

BETSOL Employee Testimonial Video: One Team, One Dream

See what employees have to say about working at BETSOL. Hear from our employees and leadership team to gain insight into our culture and what makes us...

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Automation and Security | Betsol

software-engineering September 29th, 2017  2-minute read

3 Video Tutorials On Microservices – Learn from Netflix, Google, and Amazon

Are you looking to deepen your understanding of microservices for software engineering? We have 3 video tutorials on basics of microservices, giving y...

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3 Best Machine Learning Videos | Betsol

software-engineering June 23rd, 2017  3-minute read

3 Best Machine Learning Videos

Machine learning is revolutionizing software engineering. In this post, you'll see 3 of the best machine learning videos, quickly bringing you up to s...

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software-engineering May 12th, 2017  2-minute read

DevOps Continuous Integration in Action – 7 Minute Video

Explaining DevOps Continuous Integration, Code Changes, Real-Time Testing, and Continuous Delivery can only go so far. We've written about it plenty. ...

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How Does DevOps Relate to Agile? | Betsol

software-engineering March 31st, 2017  2-minute read

How does DevOps relate to Agile? [Video]

DevOps is closely tied to Agile, but not everyone is clear on how they relate and which portion of the process each encompasses. This post shares a 4....

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