The 3 Best Videos of 2020 Smart Home IoT Technology

The smart home is an exciting new frontier for many companies developing the technologies and services to power it. This article provides 3 of the top videos of what IoT will be delivering in the home for 2020 and beyond.

And if you think home IoT is just about light bulbs that change color…you know, those novelty acts…these videos will change your perspective.

If you’re looking for more information on where the money will be in home IoT, be sure to check out our article The Top 3 Home IoT Opportunities. I provide some in-depth metrics and figures on where the market is headed.

1. CNET- Top-End Smart Home Walk Through

This nearly 3-minute video gives about the best-scenario home technology.

Not only do they show you the great tech, they give insight into how they did it.

2. TechKnow – The Ultimate Smart and Green House

Clocking in at almost 25 minutes, this is the video to do a deep dive into the ultimate technology house…the Honda house. It is referred to as “The House that’s Smarter than We Are.”

This technology does something big…it is a zero-net-energy house. This smart home is more than anything, the ultimate green home.

It paints a great future of where technology and data collection from at-home IoT is going.

If you’re looking to develop software or provide services in the home IoT space, be sure to watch this video.

3. Samsung- Step Into the Smart Home of the Future

Keep it coming, Samsung. In this video, find out why I will be the first in line for a smart kitchen. They had me at “personal chef, nutritionist, and shopping assistant all-in-one.”

4. Bonus: Opensource Smart Home? Yes Please.

When I see three of the biggest tech giants and the word open-source in one sentence, I pay attention. Apple, Google, and Amazon are changing what it means to make sure your home technology works together.

Check out the article here and let us know your thoughts!


Smart homes and home IoT are about to revolutionize the housing market. There are many opportunities for businesses large and small to participate and capture a piece of this rapidly growing market.

You can also check interesting smart home tips at Wired Smart.

And if your just someone who enjoys advances in technology, you have to admit…the smart home visions are pretty incredible.


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