XSELL and BETSOL partnership

news March 30th, 2023  3-minute read

BETSOL and XSELL Partner to Deliver Generative AI-Powered, Turnkey Solution for Contact Centers that Improves Sales Conversions by 20%

BETSOL and XSELL Technologies have partnered to deliver a high-value, generative AI-powered contact center solution designed to identify, automate, a...

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BETSOL sign Black Site Data Management Deal

news quarterly-highlights September 13th, 2021  2-minute read

BETSOL Signs New Black Site Data Management Deals in First Week of September

BETSOL has signed deals to manage data backup and archival for government and defense organizations in the first week of September. These deals cover...

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Data management company BETSOL's expands its aviation clients

news quarterly-highlights August 25th, 2021  2-minute read

BETSOL Signs Data Management Deals in Defense and Aviation

BETSOL is pleased to announce new data management deals in the defense and aviation industries. These industries focus on security, compliance, cost-...

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BETSOL Announces New CFO - Azul Schwartz

news August 5th, 2021  2-minute read

BETSOL Announces New CFO to Accelerate Growth in Europe and Latin America

With aggressive plans to accelerate expansion in Eastern Europe and Latin America, BETSOL is pleased to announce the hiring of a new CFO, Azul Schwar...

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news quarterly-highlights August 4th, 2021  1-minute read

BETSOL Signs Data Management Deals in Education, Defense, & Aviation During First Two Weeks of July

BETSOL's enterprise backup and data management product line, Zmanda, signed deals across multiple industries in the first two weeks of July. These...

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BETSOL Onboards Record Number of Employees During Second Week of July

infrastructure quarterly-highlights July 22nd, 2021  1-minute read

BETSOL Onboards Record Number of Employees During Second Week of July

As BETSOL continues to grow its product lines, services business, and research and development, we have accelerated hiring to new levels. July is off...

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