BETSOL Signs Data Management Deals in Defense and Aviation

BETSOL is pleased to announce new data management deals in the defense and aviation industries. These industries focus on security, compliance, cost-effectiveness, and ease of procurement. BETSOL meets these requirements with its Zmanda Enterprise Backup solution.

Zmanda is trusted by governmental agencies around the world, including the U.S. Thanks to its open-source heritage, engineers from these agencies have even contributed to its codebase.

Keys to BETSOL’s success in serving the defense and aviation verticals include:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Across the board, from the President on down, the call has been made to improve government efficiency at a lower cost, and open source is the clear choice to achieve that goal. 1TB or 1PB, in the long run, we save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. Zmanda is a powerful backup and recovery offering for a price less than you would expect.
  • Based on Open Standards. Government agencies tend to have long data retention periods. Zmanda can help you store data in open and industry-standard formats such as GNU Tar & Zip64, making data restoration dramatically easy even after years of storage.
  • High Level of Security. With its Ring 2 certification, Zmanda Enterprise, is the only backup project certified as having zero security defects by an audit funded by the US Department of Homeland.
  • Compliance. Zmanda’s information security policies are based on international security standards: ISO 27001 and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • Track Record. Zmanda has a long history of successful government use. Hundreds of government and defense organizations use Zmanda every day. In fact, several enhancements to Zmanda were contributed by engineers working at distinguished national labs. Zmanda products add new dimensions of ease of use, expanded features, and support to this mature open source project.
  • Easy to Acquire. Zmanda products are available through the SYNNEX GSA Schedule.

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