The 3 Best Videos of 2020 Smart Home IoT Technology

software-engineering thought-leadership May 13th, 2020  3-minute read

The 3 Best Videos of 2020 Smart Home IoT Technology

The smart home is an exciting new frontier for many companies developing the technologies and services to power it. This article provides 3 of the top...

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Raspberry Pi IoT Project Hardware Components | Betsol

software-engineering July 28th, 2017  6-minute read

How to Create a Simple IoT Application using Thingworx and Raspberry Pi

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fascinating and exciting area of technology, but it's predominantly been reserved for the corporate context, keeping...

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Accurate IT Project Estimates | Betsol

software-engineering January 6th, 2017  3-minute read

BETSOL Announces ThingWorx Partner Agreement with PTC

BETSOL is excited to announce a partnership with PTC ThingWorx, making BETSOL a system integrator for the ThingWorx IoT platform. This partnership ...

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1970s Fighter Jet Cutting Edge | IoT Upgrades | Betsol

software-engineering thought-leadership December 9th, 2016  6-minute read

How to Make a 1970s Fighter Jet Cutting Edge – IoT Upgrades

Internet of Things is the fusion of two transformational technologies: Big Data and connectivity. And IoT is here to usher our 40-50-year-old military...

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The 5 Best Videos of 2016 Health IoT Technology | Betsol

software-engineering November 11th, 2016  4-minute read

The 5 Best Videos of 2016 Health IoT Technology

When technology leaders think IoT (Internet of Things), health care isn't usually the first industry that comes to mind. However, there are very inter...

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Pen Idea Bulb Paper | Betsol

software-engineering thought-leadership November 4th, 2016  6-minute read

10 Insights from a Remote Connectivity and IoT Software Engineer

In today's post, you'll find an interview with a leading software engineer who is actively developing solutions in the enterprise remote connectivity ...

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The 5 Best Videos Of Connected Car Technology | Betsol

software-engineering September 30th, 2016  5-minute read

The 5 Best Videos of Connected Car Technology

The technology behind Connected Cars is fascinating and evolving rapidly. It links tightly with one of our key focuses on this blog: IoT. These vi...

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Iot In Manufacturing 5 Top Video | Betsol

software-engineering September 16th, 2016  3-minute read

IoT in Manufacturing – 5 Top Videos for 2016

In this post, you'll find the top 5 IoT videos for the state of smart manufacturing in 2016. These videos range from showing fascinating glimpses of t...

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Manufacturing in IoT | Betsol

infrastructure thought-leadership September 9th, 2016  6-minute read

IoT for Manufacturing – 5 Expert Views on the 4th Industrial Revolution

Over the last few weeks, I've taken deep dives into how IoT (connectivity and Big Data) is completely changing different industries and sectors. Whil...

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How the Connected Car Fixes Traffic Problems Video | Betsol

software-engineering September 2nd, 2016  3-minute read

How the Connected Car Fixes Traffic Problems [Video]

Want to see an outstanding video of how the connected car fixes traffic problems? In last week's post, I did a deep dive into the Connected Car, w...

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The Connected Car Tesla

software-engineering August 26th, 2016  6-minute read

The Connected Car – IoT for Automobiles Still Doesn’t Matter

IoT is the combination of being able to connect everything to the Internet and linking in Big Data. These ushers in many possibilities, including "th...

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Machine Learning Solution | Betsol

software-engineering August 19th, 2016  8-minute read

IoT in Healthcare Business Trends for 2016

There are very exciting business trends coming in IoT for Healthcare in 2016. This post dives into the financial projections, the 3 main drivers for I...

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Top 3 Home IoT Opportunities | Networking and Solutions | Betsol

software-engineering July 22nd, 2016  6-minute read

The Top 3 Home IoT Opportunities in 2016

The home and household IoT market represents massive opportunity for companies and consumers alike. Here are the top 3 home IoT opportunities right n...

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