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How does DevOps relate to Agile? [Video]

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DevOps is closely tied to Agile, but not everyone is clear on how they relate and which portion of the process each encompasses. This post shares a 4.5-minute video that does an excellent job explaining how the concepts overlay and how they relate to not only developing software faster, but getting your product to market faster.

It’s very hard to find neutral information on DevOps, as most of the video and blog content comes companies selling DevOps practices. This video, though, comes from, which does a great job of supplying great, unbiased information on both the DevOps and Agile space.

Video – How does DevOps relate to Agile?


Summary of the DevOps and Agile Relationship

In terms of the lifecycle of “concept to cash,” Agile and DevOps break down as follows:

  • Agile covers “User to Development”
  • DevOps covers “Development to Operations”
  • Together they cover “Concept to Cash”

Summary of “What’s in DevOps?”

  • Strong source control
  • Automation of software
  • Testing frequently and often
  • Delivering in small increments
  • Continuous improvement
  • Cohesive teams

These are effectively Agile practices, which is where the confusion comes in. But DevOps takes it a step further. DevOps gives you the ability to extend beyond software engineering and actually bring making money into scope. Operations is about getting the product to market.

By scoping in operations, you now are looking at the people, processes, and tools to not only develop quickly, but actually get to market quickly. You get frequent updates in front of customers, not just internally.

DevOps is ultimately about developing and operationalizing products quickly. Get to market!

Concept-to-cash happens fast with DevOps

Without DevOps, you’re not really looking at the broader business picture. If you want revenue-generating products, ideas, changes, and improvements to get in front of customers continuously, DevOps is the missing ingredient.

Learn more about DevOps

We have a lot of great information on DevOps, but here are a few to get you started:

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