Eliminated 100% of IT dependencies and reduced cloud provisioning time by 50% with deployment automation.

Deployment Automation


Cloud and DevOps teams were spending a significant amount of time on provisioning, deploying, and managing infrastructure and cloud resources required for test automation.

The client’s sales portal had security issues with respect to user logins and incorporated technology making it a security risk. Their demo portal was a web application where sales representatives and Business Partners could log in to book demo resources for showing their product capabilities to potential customers.

Key Challenges

  • QA team had to rely on the Cloud team to provision and manage cloud resources for running test automation.
  • SLAs for service requests were inconsistent.
  • QA team lacked proficiency in different Linux and Windows platforms resulting in errors executing pre / post-deployment scripts.
  • Additional costs of running instances were incurred when they were not in use.


  • Achieve Zero Human Errors.
  • Automate cloud resource provisioning.
  • Automate application installation and configuration.
  • Automate end-to-end application test automation life cycle.
  • Enable Cloud Cost Optimization.
  • Create faster deployment cycles.
  • Develop faster time-to-market cycles.


  • LeTo was used for end-to-end cloud resource provisioning, management, and application testing.

  • With LeTo’s ability to integrate with various project management tools like JIRA, Trello, and TFS, work-flows were defined to trigger automation on these tools to reduce errors in executing pre and post-deployment scripts.

  • Installation and configurations were processed via automated workflows.

  • LeTo 's means to handle build and test execution errors helped in updating the QA team with the error details and bringing human errors down to zero.

  • LeTo was used to integrate with AWS APIs and provided the QA team the ability to create, start, stop, and even terminate an instance directly from JIRA.

  • After the execution of every automation script, automated emails were sent to the admins giving them detailed reports.


  • The time that was taken to provision a VM ranged between 20-30 minutes. The cloud resources provisioning time was successfully reduced by 50%.

  • Eliminated the QA team’s dependency on the cloud team for resource provisioning by 100%.

  • Enabled end-to-end application testing with automated report generation.

  • The average end-to-end application testing time was brought down to 40 minutes.

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