Do you still have manual steps in your DevOps process?

Do you still have manual steps in your DevOps process? Meet Leto!

Complete software-delivery automation can be a challenge.

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What if you could automate your DevOps process end-to-end…without replacing your existing systems and infrastructure?



Complete automation for software delivery

LeTo works by intelligently bridging the automation gaps between your existing processes and tools.

Our intelligent bots use natural language to augment human tasks and handle communication between toolsets.

Let’ look at some examples…

You can have a 1-click distributed deployment for geo-redundant clouds that are Docker and Ansible compliant.

And 1-click rollbacks for deployments gone bad. Wouldn’t that be a lifesaver?

End-to-end workflow management will be automated. Put LeTo’s bots in charge of assigning tasks to QA after deployments.

Test result notification and logging? That’s automated too.

How is LeTo different?

LeTo brings you existing infrastructure together, seamlessly automating your entire software-delivery practice…allowing you to ease in at your own pace and with your existing infrastructure.

  • Eliminate manual steps.
  • Reduce software delivery cycle time.

Your DevOps practice has never been more natural.


…a BETSOL product.

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