BETSOL Announces ThingWorx Partner Agreement with PTC

BETSOL is excited to announce a partnership with PTC ThingWorx, making BETSOL a system integrator for the ThingWorx IoT platform.

This partnership is particularly groundbreaking because it leverages the strong IoT, connectivity, and software engineering expertise BETSOL has. In addition, many on the leadership within BETSOL have years of in-depth experience with PTC’s connectivity solutions. This partnership will allow us to best leverage these capabilities for our customers and get IoT/Connectivity solutions to market very quickly, perform integration services, and provide ongoing support.

Here’s the press release information

BETSOL to Provide ThingWorx IoT solutions, including integration, development, and support services.

BETSOL, a leading provider of enterprise technology products and services, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with PTC as a ThingWorx system integrator partner.

This agreement will enable BETSOL to provide class-leading IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to enterprises based on PTC’s ThingWorx® IoT platform and strengthens its ability to quickly bring customized IoT and remote connectivity solutions to its customers. This allows customers to leverage the robustness of the ThingWorx IoT platform and the depth of engineering and integration experience of BETSOL.

“By deploying PTC’s ThingWorx technology, our customers can quickly   bring their IoT solutions to market. Customers will gain access to the world-class ThingWorx capabilities. Coupled with our strong background in integrating IoT solutions with business processes, systems, and automation, customers will truly be able to reap the full business-case benefits IoT has to offer,” said Ashok Reddy, Vice President of Business Development, BETSOL. “Our collaboration with PTC adds to BETSOL’s best-in-class technology for enterprise remote connectivity and IoT solutions.”

IoT is growing at faster rates – and changing everything in its path. With more than 30 billion devices expected to be connected by 2020, analysts are predicting unprecedented growth. Gartner estimates the IoT industry to grow to $1.9T by 2020, and McKinsey estimates it could be as large as $6.2T by 2025. The demand for IoT-enabled devices, services, and solutions is exploding, offering developers unlimited potential and opportunity for success.

Whether using IoT to provide innovative value to end-customers, or to create new levels of efficiencies and quality, BETSOL is uniquely positioned to deliver on the IoT value proposition. BETSOL is committed to the entire lifecycle and value proposition that ThingWorx enables, including deployment, integration, customization, data management, security, and servicing.

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BETSOL is Product Engineering and Managed IT Services company, with strong heritage in Enterprise remote connectivity solutions. Additional services span Application Development, Quality Assurance, Business Intelligence, Help Desk, and Infrastructure Management. Our innovative tools and processes enable customers to reduce costs and time-to-market while improving quality. Based in Denver, Colorado, BETSOL delivers excellence at every step of the way, maintaining a customer satisfaction rating that is 2x the industry average.


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