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3 Best Machine Learning Videos | Betsol

Machine learning is revolutionizing software engineering. In this post, you’ll see 3 of the best machine learning videos, quickly bringing you up to speed on the terms, how it works, real-world applications, and even a complete how-to.

Recently, we wrote an article on how we’re using machine learning to improve IT project time and cost estimations. This gives a great glimpse into how machine learning is truly game-changing. But that’s barely the tip of the iceberg. Check out these 3 outstanding machine learning videos for much more.

Video 1: Introduction to Machine Learning – Software that Can Learn

If you’re looking to ensure you have the right foundation of knowledge in machine learning, look no further than this 11-minute video. In this video, you’ll dive into:

  • Comparison to AI, data mining, and statistics
  • Types of machine learning
  • How machine learning works
  • Neural nets
  • Examples

If you want to read more, check out the companion article on Android Authority.

Video 2: Machine Learning Fast-Tracked Tesla Autopilot

Perhaps one of the most exceptional use cases of machine learning is Tesla’s Autopilot. Roads are chaotic and a perfect example of how engineers could not possibly account for every situation with rules. Rather, Tesla needed to gather real-life data and let the system learn and adapt on its own.

The result? While other companies have struggled with self-driving cars, Tesla has completely blown by. You’ll see countless videos and stories online from drivers who notice subtle improvements. If there are regular issues at an intersection, Autopilot will begin handling that intersection differently.

“So far I have a little over 300 miles on autopilot, mostly 20 miles at a time on my commute to and from work.

The first day when I was in the right lane, as I approached exit ramps, it would dive for the exit ramp. I quickly learned to apply torque to the wheel to hold the car on the interstate until I had passed the exit.

Each day the system seems to have less tendency to follow the exit ramps as I pass.

This morning it gave only a very slight hesitation, so little that I did not have to correct it at all. I find it remarkable that it is improving this rapidly.” -mobe on teslamotorsclub.com


Here’s a great forum thread with stories from drivers commenting on how incredible the changes and outcomes are.

Video 3: Write Your First Machine Learning Program with 6 Lines of Python

In this outstanding 7-minute video, you’ll see how machine learning overcomes real-world complexity. With traditional programming, you’d end up with an unending amount of code to account for the countless exceptions to any rule.

So how do you account for the variability of real life? It’s much simpler than you might think. This video will show you how and dive into supervised learning.

You or your team can follow along and get your first project rolling.

And if you liked that video, there is an entire excellent series:

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