The 5 Best Videos Of Connected Car Technology | Betsol

software-engineering September 30th, 2016  5 minutes read

The 5 Best Videos of Connected Car Technology

The technology behind Connected Cars is fascinating and evolving rapidly. It links tightly with one of our key focuses on this blog: IoT. These vi...

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How the Connected Car Fixes Traffic Problems Video | Betsol

software-engineering September 2nd, 2016  3 minutes read

How the Connected Car Fixes Traffic Problems [Video]

Want to see an outstanding video of how the connected car fixes traffic problems? In last week's post, I did a deep dive into the Connected Car, w...

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The Connected Car Tesla

software-engineering August 26th, 2016  6 minutes read

The Connected Car – IoT for Automobiles Still Doesn’t Matter

IoT is the combination of being able to connect everything to the Internet and linking in Big Data. These ushers in many possibilities, including "th...

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