The 5 Best Videos of Connected Car Technology

The 5 Best Videos Of Connected Car Technology | Betsol

The technology behind Connected Cars is fascinating and evolving rapidly. It links tightly with one of our key focuses on this blog: IoT.

These videos have something for technology executives as well as software engineers.

And as you know, IoT is all about remote connectivity and Big Data. When fused with cars, you get some fascinating thought experiments, real-world technology, and sci-fi seeming concepts that are, in fact, right around the corner.

Most recently, I wrote that The Connected Car…and IoT for the automobile…still doesn’t matter.

As a technology enthusiast, I’m very excited about IoT for cars, but as a businessperson, I argue that I want to focus my energy elsewhere.

But, there are some big companies and visionary leaders disagreeing with me. And I do have to say their picture of the future is amazing and truly transformative.

And here are some great counterpoints to my stance:

Alright, time to judge for yourself…

Here are the 5 videos here will capture this excitement and show some of the leaps in technology that are behind the scenes.

1. How do self-driving cars learn to drive? By watching humans drive!

A lot of big players are taking vastly different approaches to solving the problem of teaching a car to drive itself.

NVIDIA is a standout in that it is letting machines learn by watching humans. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but from a technology standpoint, it’s pretty amazing.

Check out this <2 minute video showing extreme machine learning in action.

2. The Connected Car – What Developers Need to Know

Alright, if you are someone who is excited by this technology and wants to get in on it from a technology and business perspective, this is the video for you. Although it was released about 1.5 years ago, the advice is still very relevant.

I have yet to find much more of an informative video.

This is  a well-produced panel discussion from the Los Angeles Connected Car Expo, featuring industry experts talking about all things software development for the Connected Car.

If you’re ready to dive into exposed APIs, OEM data sources, infrastructure, and what is available to work with.

The video also dives into predictions about revenues, where the technology is heading, and how long it will take to get there.

It is sponsored by Ford, but you get good perspective across the stack. Additionally, Ford is leading the way in having a developer-friendly ecosystem.

3. The Connected Car: Safe, Clean, and Secure – European Automotive Manufacturers Association

This is simply one of the best Connected Car videos out there. In just over 3 minutes, it brings in great data and an exceptional overview of what a Connected Car is and where the technology is moving.

This video is different because it’s a much more practical look at the world of networked cars. Rather than being hype and fluff about the future, this is legitimate speak from industry insiders.

The video cites research stating that in 2014, 8% of cars are Connected Cars. By the year 2020, 25% of cars will be.

4. The Connected Car Revolution

This video is longer, clocking in just under 24 minutes…but it is an excellent presentation given by none other than the SVP of Digital Business at BMW.

As he says, the car is becoming “the ultimate smart device.” Dieter states the customer demand is there. And it’s now possible thanks to 4 key technology pillars:

  1. Cloud Computing becoming very inexpensive
  2. Big Data maturation
  3. Personal Smart Devices being ubiquitous
  4. IoT’s ability to integrate everything

BMW has 3 areas of focus for their Connected Cars:

  1. Self-driving, starting with driving assistance
  2. Digital services, which is how you integrate the car into the rest of the consumer’s digital life
  3. Interior re-design for a new driving experience

5. The Connected Car and Privacy & Security…Yes, Presented by a Lawyer

You can’t talk about Connectivity and Big Data without a mention of privacy.

And privacy seems to attract attorneys, right?

Honestly, this is one of my favorite videos in this set. Don’t let the lawyer scare you.

This video makes the cut because it’s an excellent look at the types of data Connected Cars can capture about us. From vital signs, to where we drive, to video of us, and much…much more. The implications are pretty astounding and are captured very keenly in this 5-minute video.

The implications to both companies producing this technology and consumers adopting it is absolutely fascinating, and certainly leaves much to deeply consider.


There are certainly a lot of exciting things going on with technology, IoT, Big Data, and automobiles. Are you jumping in to contribute or playing another industry?

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