How the Connected Car Fixes Traffic Problems [Video]

Want to see an outstanding video of how the connected car fixes traffic problems?

In last week’s post, I did a deep dive into the Connected Car, what’s in store for consumers and businesses, and what the market drivers are. Despite me being insanely bullish on what IoT is enabling across this planet, I am less than thrilled about IoT’s impact to cars.

See why in the article The Connected Car – IoT for Automobiles Still Doesn’t Matter »

But…if there’s one thing that grinds my gears, it’s traffic!

And what’s going to fix traffic?

Do we need more public transportation, wider highways, and more roundabouts?

No…we need my friend IoT.

In fact, the roads we have today offer massively more throughput than we’re using. We just need to use those roads more efficiently.

Specifically, we need to take the humans out of the equation.

The simple solution to traffic

Check this video out to see some incredible visuals of queuing, using statistical models to put this all in an easy-to-grasp concept.

So IoT allows for self-driving cars, which solves the traffic problems that drive me nuts…but I’m still not that excited about IoT in cars?

It only takes one human to gum up the works.


Learn more about how a self-driving car works

This is one of the best videos that breaks down the sensors, processing, and connected technology that manages the insane complexity of letting a computer drive a car in a real-life environment.

The future of connected and self-driving cars

The reality of self-driving cars making up 100% of the cars on the road is far, far off.

There are technological, regulatory, economic, and cultural hurdles that are just absolutely massive. Is it really accurate to say self-driving cars are a practical way to solve traffic problems? I’m not convinced.

The investments to pioneer this effort are very large with exceptionally long horizons. It’s an admirable and exciting undertaking, but if you’re looking for the right place to invest or participate in the business of IoT, there are many other exciting opportunities that will make equally huge impacts in our day-to-day lives, but are able to mature and hit the market much faster.

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