The Top 10 Apps in 2018 for Software Engineers

Software engineers have an incredibly unique job. The challenging field requires creativity, expertise, vision, ability to multitask, a lot of caffeine, and possibly the occasional mashing of keyboards. But the feeling of building and creating something new and possibly revolutionary is amazing.

So what apps help our top-tier software engineers get through a successful project?

Whether mobile, browser, or desktop, here’s a look at their top 10 apps…

The Top 10 Apps in 2018 for Software Engineers

1. Trello

Are you overwhelmed, dropping the ball, or lost in a mess of email and paper notes? If so, Trello is the ultimate tool to save the day. If you’re handling complex tasks, evolving requirements, and multiple projects, Trello will bring sanity to your life. You can even manage multiple-user projects.  It’s one of the rare apps that is simultaneously simple and powerful.

2. StackOverflow

If you are stuck or have a question for your peers, nothing beats StackOverflow. It is currently ranked as the 70th top website globally by Alexa, which is insane. StackOverflow is one of the best ways to continue your education, build your skills, and help others out.

3. Spotify

Getting “in the zone” and avoiding distraction is key to creative endeavors. Spotify lets you do exactly that with music. In fact, listening to certain types of music has been shown to reduce anxiety by up to 42%. While anxiety may not be a direct concern, this causes your mind to “declutter” and focus on the task at hand.

4. Udemy

While StackOverflow is great for specific questions, sometimes you need more comprehensive education on a particular topic. Udemy has many courses for software engineers, from beginning to advanced. Boost your skills, your resume, and your value with Udemy. Courses can be free or paid. Through the app, you can also download entire courses to your phone for education on the go.

5. Fiddler

Fiddler is a free web-debugging proxy that can be used from any web browser. It can be used for a variety of cases, such as performance testing, security testing, debugging, and more. It’s a highly sophisticated tool that remains easy to use.

6. Atom

Atom is an awesome, ready-to-go text editor designed for coding…including collaboration. It’s fully customizable, yet light-weight, and easy-to-use. It’s the clear favorite environment for our engineers.

7. APM – Atom Package Manager

There are over 7000 packages to make Atom “do awesome things.” Make sure to customize the way you want with APM.

8. GitHub

Since it’s “the place for developers,” every software engineer should know about and actively use GitHub, but it still needs to be mentioned here. You can easily host code, review it, and collaborate across the platform.

9. Slack

Slack is the ideal communications pair for Trello users. It simplifies communications, allows easy project breakdown, and a great ability to search and find discussions. It’s the ultimate messaging app for getting stuff done.

PS: Check out an example of our automation between Trello and Slack.

10. UberConference

Do you need the ability to host conference calls? UberConference is a great collaboration platform that lets you host conference calls for free. Participants can call in by phone or computer. You’ll also be able to share your desktop so everyone can look at the same thing. Recording and many other great features are also included.


Have we missed one of your top 10? If so, let us know in the comments below!



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