3 Genius Linux Coding Hacks in 90 Seconds

how-to software-engineering May 21st, 2020  3-minute read

3 Genius Linux Coding Hacks in 90 Seconds

Linux coding hacks are a great thing. They are even better when they are quick, useful, and a little bit of fun. At BETSOL, a vast majority of our eng...

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Ashok Reddy CEO

software-engineering December 4th, 2019  1-minute read

A Conversation with BETSOL’s CEO, Ashok Reddy

https://youtu.be/pTfYTcxWDZk?rel=0 In this interview, hear directly from Ashok Reddy on his journey to becoming BETSOL's founder and CEO, why he lo...

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10 Benefits Of Cloud Computing | Betsol

software-engineering September 12th, 2019  8-minute read

Top 10 Cloud Computing Trends In 2020

Up until quite recently, many thought that cloud computing was just another fad, doomed to fade away like so many other technology fads. It generated ...

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Trello And LeTo Business | Betsol

business-intelligence devops software-engineering August 1st, 2019  6-minute read

Using Trello and LeTo in Your Business

Trello has made its mark on the business community as one of the more popular task management services available. More than just a resource for ind...

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DevOps In The Cloud | Betsol

devops May 13th, 2019  5-minute read

Top 4 Benefits of DevOps In the Cloud

Why are DevOps and the Cloud becoming two very different yet intertwined tools for businesses to utilize? What the benefits are to investing in the de...

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How is Automation Related to DevOps? | Betsol

software-engineering October 30th, 2018  6-minute read

How is Automation Related to DevOps?

DevOps is a lot of things to a lot of people, but automation is hardly ever omitted. Some believe that automation is a prerequisite for DevOps, while ...

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