BETSOL Acquires Data Protection, Backup, and DRaaS Solutions

BETSOL has acquired Carbonite’s Rebit6 and Rebit Unlimited products and certain related assets, giving BETSOL a strong platform for PC backup, data protection, Disaster Recovery as a Service, and cloud backup.

“This acquisition allows BETSOL to provide exceptional data protection services to enterprises and hundreds of thousands of consumers in an OEM model. Whether protecting personal files such as pictures, operating system configurations, or complex distributed data, BETSOL now has a simple and highly effective solution.” said Ashok Reddy, Vice President of Business Development, BETSOL.

Business Data Protection Trends in 2017

Continuous data protection to both local and cloud-based sources is becoming increasingly critical in 2017. Trends include data transition to the cloud, large quantity of data generated by IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and the maturing of Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Rebit effectively serves small business and enterprise clients to deliver simple, scalable, and effective data backup solutions. To learn more about Rebit business backup solutions, please contact us.

Consumer Backup through OEM Partnerships

Rebit provides class-leading backup solutions to consumers. The Rebit software excels at making backup simple. The solution combines cloud and local integration, delivering fully automatic and continuous data protection without the need for complex setup, configuration, and scheduling.

Rebit is offered to consumer through OEM partnerships. If you’re interested in distributing Rebit to your customers, please contact us.

Learn More About Rebit Software and the Acquisition

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