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Run it all with an all-in-one secured personal backup software, Rebit. It’s an ultrafast, ultracapable backup solution that lets you backup just about anything — anywhere.

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Super Backup. Super Price. Super Fast.

Modernized Architechure with virtually impenetrable security

Lightning fast, infinitely scalable, and intuitive UI experience

Centralised management with new Sentinel Portal

Supercharged with Priority Restore feature

Personal backups made ridiculously simple

Re-defining the new era of personal backup. Unleash the power of simplicity with its modernized architecture, military-grade security, new Sentinel portal for easier web-based management, backups with CDP, and improved and intuitive user experience.

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Super-backup-power for your business

An all-encompassing backup solution for small businesses. With Rebit Endpoint, super protect your data with RBAC, centrally manage all your backups across your entire company, experience enhanced security with AES-256-bit client-side encryption, obtain an all-in-one re-imagined subscription management, and so much more.

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