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BETSOL is pleased to present the release for its enterprise backup solution, Zmanda. This minor release improves the user experience of Zmanda on many fronts. It brings improved integrity check, retains tape size value across versions, optimizes the timeouts of amtape command and many other enhancements.

Zmanda release brings a significant improvement to the user experience aspect by streamlining parts of data backup process.

Updates That Make Data Backup and Recovery Easy

The improved integrity check introduced by this release works well with all versions of Zmanda. You can restore tape backups taken on Zmanda 3.6 in the latest version without facing any issues.

The tape size value in the Storage page is now retained after upgrading from 3.6 to 4.1. Thanks to this release, the initial checks of VMware sourced run smoothly. You can back up VMware applications without any interruption.

Backup Media
This release ensures that the timeouts for the amtape command on the Backup Media page are handled properly.

Adding to the list of features offered by this minor release, Expired Media is now updated for tapes as well. Users can ascertain the expiry status of backup media accurately.

Backup Media (Tape)
Port fixes at the back end impeded the display of the Manage Media table for flushed backups. The latest release resolves this, so now you can make full use of the Manage Media table.

Media labels that are used in 3.6 are retained in 4.1 after migration. Information in these labels is helpful in running tape storage operations like recycling and purging expired media labels to free up space.

Backups to Open Stack Cloud Storage now proceed without issuing the tape protocol error.

Backup Sets are protected from vault job failures. Thanks to this enhancement, users can expect the next scheduled backup runs to execute on time without any issues.

ZMC and AEE services start up automatically after the system reboot. This saves you the trouble of starting every service manually, every time there is a system reboot.  The following code block illustrates the usage of commands setup-zmc and setup-aee to check the status of the services.

Upgrade and Installation Instructions

Please note that the release will use the existing DB structure and upgrade scripts from 4.1.

Therefore, older releases of the software must first be upgraded to the 4.1 release before upgrading to

When installing on a new system, please ensure that 4.1 is installed first and then upgraded to following the on-screen instructions.

Note: You can refer to Upgrades – Zmanda Documentation for further information.

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