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Rebit PC Backup Software is Back and Ready to Shake Up the Consumer PC Backup Market

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Rebit’s award-winning PC Backup software has relaunched and is available at

Rebit is pleased to announce its Rebit Pro Personal PC Backup software is now available for sale at

Rebit has been a consumer favorite, providing “ridiculously simple” software for backing up personal PCs. Rebit has earned numerous awards and currently protects hundreds of thousands of customers.

Rebit’s award-winning PC backup software is back available and ready to shake up the consumer backup industry.

Originally released in 2005, Rebit has gone through a number of transitions. In 2017, the Rebit software was acquired by BETSOL, a Colorado company, with the intention of re-releasing the software and establishing Rebit as the leader in consumer backup.

Rebit software is unique in the PC backup landscape. It provides a simple interface and allows users to back their data up to numerous sources, including cloud, network, and local destinations. This “hybrid backup technology” allows users to gain peace of mind as their data is backed up seamlessly.

Additionally, Rebit has many other notable features. “Continuous data protection” ensures backups are updated as soon as file changes are made. Full-image recovery is also available with “one-click restore.”

Rebit’s technology is protected by numerous patents. But despite Rebit’s industry-leading feature set, it maintains ease-of-use for its customers. The core principle behind Rebit is to keep things “ridiculously simple,” which explains its dedicated user base.

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