BETSOL Announces Upcoming Zmanda 4.1 Release

BETSOL is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its enterprise data management solution, Zmanda 4.1, which will be generally available in September of 2021. This release captures numerous customer-driven enhancements, furthering Zmanda’s capabilities and usability.

The Zmanda 4.1 key highlights include:

Azure Cloud Storage

Azure Cloud Storage will be supported as a data backup destination in Zmanda 4.1, allowing you to easily back up data to Azure.

VMWare 7 Support

VMWare 7 compatibility will be added to Zmanda 4.1, enabling simple virtual machine protection.

Virtual Machine File-Level Recovery

File-level recovery from VM image backups will be available with Zmanda 4.1, allowing for efficient, targeted data recovery.

Additional Zmanda 4.1 Features

Various other enhancements and fixes will be announced as the release date approaches. Please stay tuned for further detail.

Learn More About BETSOL’s Data Management Capabilities

For the latest updates on Zmanda 4.1, please follow Zmanda on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can additionally connect with BETSOL:


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