BETSOL Joins the Top 1% Of Microsoft Partners by Achieving the Gold Status for Microsoft Azure Cloud

BETSOL, a leader in data management, security, and intelligent automation, is pleased to announce that it has become a Gold Partner with Microsoft for Microsoft Azure Cloud. Only a handful of companies have been awarded Microsoft® Gold competency and only a very small percentage of worldwide partners achieve Microsoft Gold Partner status, making this a notable achievement for BETSOL.

BETSOL currently holds a Silver status for providing professional services and solutions for enterprise-level migration, management, and optimization. Further, BETSOL provides management services for Office 365, volume licensing, and patch management. BETSOL has helped thousands of enterprise users make the transition to Microsoft Cloud for their data management requirements smooth.

With BETSOL becoming a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, it continues to represent the highest level of BETSOL’s competency, expertise, proven proficiency in deploying Microsoft System Center solutions to help companies manage their information assets attain the Systems Management competency with Microsoft technologies.

“BETSOL has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Microsoft, and we’re pleased to have achieved Gold Certified Partner status.

BETSOL’s leading expertise in Microsoft products and services allows us to provide more value to customers, ensuring they receive the most technically competent Microsoft advice and support available anywhere.”

Ashok Reddy, CEO of BETSOL

On becoming a Microsoft Gold Partner, more enterprises are choosing BETSOL for their enterprise backup and data management product line, Zmanda. The native integration of Zmanda will speed data migration into Azure. This also helps you eliminate the need for tape libraries, transportation logistics, and your next storage hardware refresh or forklift upgrade.

In addition, you can leverage Zmanda’s pre-built integration to configure Azure Storage as a preferred cloud backup destination. Zmanda maps data into Binary Large Object (BLOB), enabling easy storage and retrieving backup data. It supports the use of Hot/Cool tiers allowing for a distributed storage architecture across geographies with better unit cost economics.

“BETSOL has deep expertise that puts Microsoft on the top of our partner ecosystem, and their proficiency will help customers drive innovative solutions.”

Ashok Reddy, CEO of BETSOL

This achievement demonstrates BETSOL’s commitment to helping customers drive value through cloud enablement. BETSOL’s data management, security, and cloud infrastructure expertise provides customers a trusted advisor for all their data backup, recovery, optimization, cloud needs, agility, and the seamless performance needed in today’s digital transformation journeys.

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