IoT in Manufacturing – 5 Top Videos for 2016

In this post, you’ll find the top 5 IoT videos for the state of smart manufacturing in 2016. These videos range from showing fascinating glimpses of the technology in action, to discussions of the challenges and opportunities, and also projections for the future.

Last week, I covered IoT for Manufacturing – 5 Expert Views on the 4th Industrial Revolution, which talked about that even though Manufacturing IoT is much more mature than other sectors/industries, the opportunity is still absolutely massive for players across the value chain.

This week, you can simply sit back and enjoy!

Tesla Motors Megafactories – IoT Manufacturing from the Ground Up

This National Geographic special is an exceptional look at how an ultra-modern manufacturing plant can be built from the ground up.

This is smart manufacturing, IoT, and Big Data to the extreme–truly the cutting edge.

Here are some interested facts from

  • The factory is the second largest building footprint in the world, with a planned footprint of 13.6 million square feet
  • “Using economies of scale, innovative manufacturing, reduction of waste, and the simple optimization of locating most manufacturing process under one roof” the manufacturing costs will be greatly reduced. For example, battery manufacturing prices will be reduced by 30%.
  • “The robots navigate on their own by following magnetic tape on the ground. They are also equipped with sensors and a laser system to help guide them.”

If you’d like to see more from Tesla, you can watch the entire Model S manufacturing process in the current day flow, with plenty of Smart and IoT practices.

China’s Robot Workforce

From the MIT Technology Review shows how smart manufacturing is replacing millions of workers with machines in China.

Here are some interesting data points from

  • A manufacturer that produces sinks is able to replace 140 workers with 9 robots. The “robots are cheaper, more precise, and more reliable than people.”
  • China currently has 36 robots per 10,000 manufacturing workers, compared with 292 in Germany, 314 in Japan, and 478 in South Korea.

Smart Manufacturing Innovation from Energy.Gov

Check out this great video that’s just under 3 minutes to “Find out how advanced technologies developed by our latest institute will make U.S. manufacturing more productive, energy efficient, and competitive.”

The Future Of Production Flow And Big Data

This 6 minute video from The IoT Uplink provides an exceptional 2016 overview of IoT in manufacturing, including production, work flow, and inventory management.

“This episode of The IoT Uplink, a new video series examining all the factors driving, influencing, and adding to the complexity of the Internet of Things movement, looks forward and showcases how the $3.75 trillion industrial Internet of Things environment is going to impact the future of manufacturing in a few key areas, such as production, work flow, and inventory management.

This Uplink examines not only the impact of reliable communication in the manufacturing setting, but also the importance of understanding the information being shared.” – The IoT Uplink


No sector or industry impacted by IoT embodies a sci-fi future vision more than manufacturing. Mature and cutting edge, manufacturing is undoubtedly the IoT leader.

Check out my other posts on IoT for much more on other technologies, industries, and sectors.

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