BETSOL Announces Release of Zmanda 4.1.3 Enterprise Data Management

BETSOL is pleased to announce the release of its enterprise data management solution, Zmanda 4.1.3. This new release offers Zmanda with LDAP integration, enhanced user interface, comprehensive logs, support for Ubuntu 22.04, and all-new API documentation.

Zmanda 4.1.3 can help you with wider compatibility, a simple guide to build automation, seamless backup, and much more.

New Capabilities Introduced in Zmanda 4.1.3 Include

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) integration: By integrating LDAP, it is now possible to use corporate user directories and their Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to log in to Zmanda.

API documentation: All-new API documentation running on OpenAPI v2 can help you build automation around Zmanda services.

Enhanced ‘Explore & Select’ option: This enhancement makes it easy to find and restore files on sources with millions of files.

Compatible with all-new Ubuntu 22.04: Zmanda now supports the newest Ubuntu 22.04 on both client and server binaries.

Intuitive UI for amplified user experience: The user interface is improved in many areas of Zmanda.

Comprehensive logs: You can find more detailed debugging logs through a simple configuration change.

To learn more about this release, you can check out our release notes and blog.

Zmanda’s mission is to strive and set the standard for data protection and recovery. With Zmanda 4.1.3, you can have simplified user management, improved data restoration, better automation building, and much more to begin with your enterprise data backup journey.

To learn if Zmanda would be a perfect solution for your backup requirements, you can talk to our Solution Architects or get a free trial to become acquainted with it.

Learn More About BETSOL’s Data Management Capabilities

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