Micro Services

Streamlined Development Through Microservices and CICD

One of our clients had distributed global operations with over 1000 sales executives. The unique nature of the product required specialized demo rooms for each prospective lead, tailored to their needs. This required a combination of rapid deployment and scaling – requirements their legacy environments couldn’t meet.


  • We worked closely with our client to understand their business needs and understand how various internal systems were interacting with each other.
  • Our study of their system concluded that microservices was the best way to proceed, given their data decoupling and high scalability. A few critical components were proposed to be converted to a microservice.
  • Throughout the project, we converted the bottleneck components to follow microservice patterns and also dockerized widgets to enable CICD automation.
  • Proactive monitoring was enabled for every microservice followed by testing of demo configurations using pre-configured checklists.
  • This automated the log analysis process allowing for easier error detection and debugging.


  • Admins observed a significant reduction in issues while creating demo environments for customers.
  • Admin productivity was greatly improved aided by the speed of custom demo configurations.
  • Infrastructure utilization was optimized through the use of microservices leading to better cost economics per lead.
  • The sales team were able to present a tailor-made demo to prospective or existing customers, without experiencing substantial delays in configuring environments.

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