Data Storage and Backups

Delivered seamless backup and disaster recovery for 60+ TB with 100,000+ active users

60+ terabytes

We provided a seamless disaster recovery of 60+ TB with 100,000+ active users with no crashes reported.

Rutgers University was seeking to improve the efficiency of their backup runs. Their data stores exceeded 60 TBs and had over 100,000 active users sharing files across the networks.

Key Challenges :

  • Backup Isilon Storage Data formats without incurring the excessive costs that would come along with the services provided by EMC Networker or Net backup.
  • Rutgers Data Stores exceeded 60 Terabytes of data that needed file formats such as Isilon.
  • In order to back this data up, they were using Storage and Archive Manager File System (SAMFS) backup that was provided by Sun Systems. However, the Sun Systems software began crashing often.
  • Since Isilon storage did not have its own proprietary backup software, they wanted an independent backup software capable of handling data at scale.


  • Build the backup capabilities inhouse, thus improving backup runs while simultaneously reducing costs.
  • Migration towards Linux & SUSE Operating Systems was preferred owing to its greater stability.
  • Migration was to be done seamlessly ensuring active users were not affected.


  • During our Knowledge Transfer session with Rutgers University, we uncovered the root cause analysis to be a combination of hardware & software limitations.
  • We also had to manage data at scale – with certain peak times having a high influx of data.
  • A hybrid cloud data strategy was deployed enabling Rutgers the flexibility to move backups to the cloud, should they opt for its stronger storage economics.
  • Their Isilon storage was over 60 terabytes and was NFS mounted to their physical servers.
  • We equipped their mix of physical and virtual machines to run on SUSE Linux and SUSE enterprise resulting in a combination of SUSE 4, 11, & 12 operating systems for different use cases.


Our implementation allowed Rutgers to move away from traditional dump storage to more reliant software built on full and incremental backup solutions, enabling instant device recovery in a disaster situation.

Rutgers experienced immediate cost-savings with increased storage efficiency. Their IT Teams were thrilled on the simplicity and the support experienced during the transition.


we provided a seamless disaster recovery of 60+ TB with 100,000+ active users with no crashes reported.

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