Product Development

Architected UCaas and CCaas for Fortune 500 Telecom

A major telecom provider needed to transition from on-premise solutions for their customers to a modern, cloud-powered multi-application SaaS ecosystem. This was a major transition of their IP to a cloud-based solution, layered with security, compliance, and performance complexities.


  • BETSOL covered the entire scope of UCaaS, CCaaS, and infrastructure migration to both private and public cloud solutions.
  • Additional areas were identified within R&D to ensure the new cloud service would be an ongoing success, including-
    • DevOps,
    • Microservices, and
    • Intelligent automation.


  • The rapid, successful launch of a unified cloud platform, spanning unified communication, contact centre, and platform-as-a-service capabilities.
  • The highly-configurable cloud-based platform allows customers to launch quickly while also building the experience they demand.

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