Reduced complex provisioning time by 94% with cloud-native development.

Cloud Native Development


The client’s sales portal had security issues with respect to user logins and incorporated technology making it a security risk. Their demo portal was a web application where sales representatives and Business Partners could log in to book demo resources for showing their product capabilities to potential customers.

Key Challenges

  • Technology upgrade – the client wanted to upgrade the technology stack to use a more modern technology stack. The demo portal was also running on a non-standard production environment that needed to be ported to new infrastructure.
  • User management – users had to be manually added into the portal database to gain access. This was causing additional man-hours to be invested in managing users.
  • Content Management – Content across the portal was not easily editable. This was causing issues where sales representatives were not having all the data in hand.
  • Access management – there was minimal support for RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) on the legacy portal exposing content to unauthorized users.
  • Lab management – multiple users couldn’t access the lab servers without booking their slots. This caused delays in customer demos which potentially ended up in losing leads.



  • Modernize the application in line with microservices architecture.
  • Faster deployment of the services enabling future scalability.
  • SSO integration for better user and access management.
  • Integration with LDAP for better demo resource Management.
  • Real-time communication with the end-users.
  • CI/CD set up for minimal downtime during production deployments.


  • The technology stack was upgraded to Java Microservices and React.
  • Microservices were deployed in pods using Kubernetes on the new standard production environment.
  • Enabled SSO integration for user login and VDI access to offload the work of environment management.
  • Using SSO, users were granted access based on the roles associated with their login.
  • Automated resource assignment at the time of the demo to prevent overlap of schedules and have environments dedicated to pre-booked demos.
  • Local RBAC implemented at the application level to provide fine-grain control on the content and actions performed by users.
  • Real-time notifications (email and push notifications) using Kafka.
  • Built DevOps pipelines for CI and CD.
  • Analytics & Reports was powered through Firebase.


  • The demo provisioning timeframe went from 4 hours to 15 minutes.
  • The resulting system was easier to use and due to its cloud-native design, the system is globally available 24x7.
  • It runs on a container architecture that enables it to be elastic, optimizing for both - availability and cost.
  • Reporting time reduced by 1 day.
  • 3000 active users who were previously manually managed are now being dynamically managed through the portal.

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