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Host & Manage

BETSOL provides technology and staffing solutions to enable expertly run contact centers, including phone, chat, and email support. Deploy your world-class contact center with BETSOL.

Manage (Priced per hour)

BETSOL contact center experts handle your customers with exceptional levels of service.
Quickly scale your organization with staffing from BETSOL. Cover key times of day and skill sets. Simple, predictable pricing.

Customer Support
Service Desk
Phone, Chat, and/or Email Queue Staffing
24x7x365 Support or Just Out-of-Hours
Ability to Meet Seasonal Spikes
Language Translation Services

Manage & Hosting (Priced per Employee)

Outsourced customer and technical support with an expertly run contact center including phone, chat, and email.
Includes both the staffing and technology platform. Have a world-class contact center from BETSOL.

Everything in MANAGE
Cloud Based Contact Center
Phone, Chat, and Email Support Enablement
Hosted IVR
Support Portal
CRM and Computer-Telephony Integration
Knowledge Base
Payment Processing
Management & Monitoring Tools
Quality Assessments
Custom Business Intelligence Reports
Matt Hart | Betsol

“With the ‘Host+Manage’ solution from BETSOL, my company was able to take a business idea and ramp it to launch in three months. BETSOL built a fully functional contact center—phone, chat, ticketing, customer portal, marketing website, knowledge base, and CRM integration. Then they provided out-of-hours staffing to get me to 24X7X365 in no time. I have never seen such rapid, high-quality execution. BETSOL was a true partner for us during launch, and they remain a critical part of my business now that we are live"


Matt Hart
EVP- CloudSimba

Why Companies Choose BETSOL


  • BETSOL has competitive advantage in terms of access to hiring pool, novel recruitment methodologies, and geographic specialties.
  • BETSOL maintains 75% lower attrition than industry average.


  • After initial training, training is then managed by BETSOL reducing client cost and overhead, saving clients significant cost.
  • BETSOL gets resources to production 38% faster.


  • BETSOL consistently wins bids based on cost, while still out-performing on quality.
  • Built on Lean fundamentals, we outperform established companies and their large overhead.


  • BETSOL provides detailed focus to customer and industry KPIs to ensure better results.
  • BETSOL maintains a customer satisfaction score that is 2.5x higher than industry average.

Contact Center Managed Technology Stack

BETSOL deploys best-in-class technology for its hosted Contact Center Offer. This stack is designed to provide an excellent user-experience, integrate with existing systems, and provide depth of capability. BETSOL will also leverage alternate technologies to meet unique customer requirements.



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