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College graduates and interns add vibrancy to BETSOL.

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Scholarship Winners

Fall 2017 winner- Brandt Reutimann, Colorado State University 

Spring 2018 winner- ShaMarcus Anders, Southcentral Kentucky Community College


  • Build the next generation of products with the latest technologies
  • Be involved in challenging projects with dynamic teams
  • Engage your creativity and ambition with consultative roles
  • Impact company and customer results

Campus Involvement

  • KSU Computer Science Scholars Partner
  • We attend events at the University of Colorado, the School of Mines, Duke University, Kansas State University, and more
  • Eagerly hire interns and recent graduates
  • Provide student scholarships and sponsorship
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Available 2018 US Scholarships

Open Scholarships

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More Scholarships Coming!

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