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Iot In Manufacturing 5 Top Video | Betsol

software-engineering September 16th, 2016  3 minutes read

IoT in Manufacturing – 5 Top Videos for 2016

In this post, you'll find the top 5 IoT videos for the state of smart manufacturing in 2016. These videos range from showing fascinating glimpses of t...

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How the Connected Car Fixes Traffic Problems Video | Betsol

software-engineering September 2nd, 2016  3 minutes read

How the Connected Car Fixes Traffic Problems [Video]

Want to see an outstanding video of how the connected car fixes traffic problems? In last week's post, I did a deep dive into the Connected Car, w...

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The Connected Car Tesla

software-engineering August 26th, 2016  6 minutes read

The Connected Car – IoT for Automobiles Still Doesn’t Matter

IoT is the combination of being able to connect everything to the Internet and linking in Big Data. These ushers in many possibilities, including "th...

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Machine Learning Solution | Betsol

software-engineering August 19th, 2016  8 minutes read

IoT in Healthcare Business Trends for 2016

There are very exciting business trends coming in IoT for Healthcare in 2016. This post dives into the financial projections, the 3 main drivers for I...

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How To Quickly Set Up Collaborative Software Development Environments | Betsol

software-engineering thought-leadership August 4th, 2016  6 minutes read

How to Quickly Set Up Collaborative Software Development Environments

This how-to gives a primer on methods to quickly set up collaborative software development environments, especially for running training, workshops, ...

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Top 3 Home IoT Opportunities | Networking and Solutions | Betsol

software-engineering July 22nd, 2016  6 minutes read

The Top 3 Home IoT Opportunities in 2016

The home and household IoT market represents massive opportunity for companies and consumers alike. Here are the top 3 home IoT opportunities right n...

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The Top 3 Iot Devices In Aviation Right Now | Betsol

software-engineering July 14th, 2016  10 minutes read

The Top 3 IoT Devices in Aviation Right Now

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been generating massive buzz for a while now. But where are the exciting, tangible IoT devices that showcase what thi...

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The Remot Product Connection Features Hot List | Betsol

software-engineering July 12th, 2016  9 minutes read

The IoT Remote Connectivity Feature Hot List

With the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, we are at a unique point in history where we can introduce a vast array of new...

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Microservices For Enterprises - Opportunities And Challenges | Betsol

software-engineering June 24th, 2016  6 minutes read

Microservices for Enterprises – 2016 Opportunities and Challenges

For software development and architecture organizations, microservices-based deployments continue to be all the rage. The ability to operate in a hi...

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How To Make Remote Connectivity Scalable From Day 1 | Betsol

software-engineering thought-leadership June 17th, 2016  6 minutes read

How to Make Remote Connectivity Scalable from Day 1

It’s 2016, so we’ve all known for a very long time that we need to remotely connect to our products to realize improvements for both our customers...

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Stop Using A Vpn To Connect To Your Products | Betsol

software-engineering May 26th, 2016  7 minutes read

Stop Using a VPN to Connect to Your Products

Remote connectivity is about to have its heyday. Thanks to the Internet of Things, remote connectivity is no longer just for enterprise IT applicat...

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Drastically Change Software Time-to-Market | Continuous Integration Statistics | Betsol

software-engineering thought-leadership April 28th, 2015  5 minutes read

Continuous Integration Best Practices for Software Engineering

In this article, you'll find details and research on an advanced software engineering model that brings fast time-to-market, high-quality deliverable...

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