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DevOps Automation BETSOL | Betsol

software-engineering thought-leadership December 28th, 2017  2 minutes read

Do you still have manual steps in your DevOps process?

Do you still have manual steps in your DevOps process? Meet Leto! Complete software-delivery automation can be a challenge. Check out the video....

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How Natural Language Processing will Improve Enterprise Technology Adoption | Betsol

software-engineering thought-leadership December 13th, 2017  5 minutes read

How Natural Language Processing will Improve Enterprise Technology Adoption

Implementing new processes, technologies, and automation into large companies is a major challenge. Any significant project can easily take years to r...

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Machine Learning Google | Betsol

software-engineering thought-leadership November 6th, 2017  3 minutes read

The Machine Learning Technology Behind Gmail Smart Reply

Here at BETSOL, we're big on machine learning, so it's always exciting to see a great consumer-oriented application of it hit the mainstream. This pos...

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Automation and Security | Betsol

software-engineering September 29th, 2017  2 minutes read

3 Video Tutorials On Microservices – Learn from Netflix, Google, and Amazon

Are you looking to deepen your understanding of microservices for software engineering? We have 3 video tutorials on basics of microservices, giving y...

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What Are Devops Software Containers? | Betsol

software-engineering thought-leadership September 8th, 2017  4 minutes read

What are DevOps Software Containers?

Software containers are a key component of DevOps, microservices, and modern software engineering. This post will dive into an overview of software co...

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Samuel Zeller | Betsol

editors-pick software-engineering thought-leadership August 25th, 2017  7 minutes read

How to Get Started with the Selenium Automation Framework

By adopting a test automation framework, enterprises can significantly increase the speed and accuracy of software testing, provide a higher return on...

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Machine Learning for Accurate IT Project Estimates | Betsol

software-engineering August 11th, 2017  2 minutes read

White Paper – Use Machine Learning for Accurate IT Project Estimates

IT projects notoriously exceed initial time and budget estimates. Accurately estimating these large, complex projects is a challenging task with many ...

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Raspberry Pi IoT Project Hardware Components | Betsol

software-engineering July 28th, 2017  6 minutes read

How to Create a Simple IoT Application using Thingworx and Raspberry Pi

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fascinating and exciting area of technology, but it's predominantly been reserved for the corporate context, keeping...

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3 Best Machine Learning Videos | Betsol

software-engineering June 23rd, 2017  3 minutes read

3 Best Machine Learning Videos

Machine learning is revolutionizing software engineering. In this post, you'll see 3 of the best machine learning videos, quickly bringing you up to s...

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Java Memory Management (JVM)-2 | Betsol

editors-pick software-engineering thought-leadership June 2nd, 2017  30 minutes read

Java Memory Management for Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Java memory management is an ongoing challenge and a skill that must be mastered to have properly tuned applications that function in a scalable manne...

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Best Goal to Target | Betsol

software-engineering thought-leadership May 19th, 2017  7 minutes read

Machine Learning to Accurately Estimate IT Project Time and Budget

Has your IT project come in on time and on budget? Ever? Accurately estimating IT projects is a colossal task with many unknowns and assumptions. But ...

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software-engineering May 12th, 2017  2 minutes read

DevOps Continuous Integration in Action – 7 Minute Video

Explaining DevOps Continuous Integration, Code Changes, Real-Time Testing, and Continuous Delivery can only go so far. We've written about it plenty. ...

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Colorado is the New Hot Spot for Software Engineering | Betsol

software-engineering thought-leadership April 14th, 2017  6 minutes read

Colorado is the New Hot Spot for Software Engineering

When it comes to software engineering and software developer jobs, Colorado is quickly emerging as the new hot spot in the United States. As software ...

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