Release Announcement: Introducing Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.6

Broomfield, Colorado, January 2023

BETSOL is pleased to announce the release of Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.6. This release adds user groups functionality to help backup administrators manage the varying backup needs of different groups across their companies. Zmanda Endpoint 2.6 also includes various other customer-requested usability improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

Zmanda Endpoint 2.6 features include:

Efficient Backup Management with User Groups: The user groups feature classifies users into specific groups based on team affiliation or required data, simplifying backup management for administrators in your organization. This ensures reliable and cost-effective backups for all teams while optimizing storage.

Customer-Requested Enhancements for Amplified User Experience: Largely driven by your feedback, the 2.6 release brings a wide range of customer-requested enhancements that focus on improving performance, security measures, and user experience.

Zmanda Endpoint Backup provides a proven, easy-to-scale solution that ensures continuous backup and data protection. With Zmanda Endpoint Backup Version 2.6, we simplify backup management by introducing user groups functionality, which helps backup administrators manage the varying backup needs of different groups across their companies. Coupled with customer-requested usability enhancements and affordable pricing, our customers are ensured of streamlined administration and deployment as well as reliability and flexibility for their business.

Justin Gesso, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Zmanda | BETSOL

To experience uninterrupted endpoint backups, upgrade to version 2.6. Visit Sentinel > Enter your email address and log in > Navigate to Downloads under My Backup > Click Download for Windows > Run the Zmanda Endpoint Installer > Sign in to the application. To learn more about the new features and upgrades, you can check the release notes. Additionally, Zmanda Endpoint Backup has now broadened its scope by making it available to MSPs and resellers. It now includes new features that help partners manage customer endpoints, subscriptions, and licenses. If you are interested in becoming a Zmanda partner, please visit our blog for more information.

To make the best use of Zmanda Endpoint Backup, please read our product guide. You can also check out the pricing-related information on the Zmanda Endpoint Pricing page. For further questions, please contact support. Our team will be happy to help.

Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.6 is ready. Start your 5-user, 30-day free trial today!

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