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Global IT Services

Grow your organization beyond your current infrastructure and deployment capabilities with BETSOL's Global IT Services.

BETSOL provides cloud-first, digital transformation services to enterprises in over 40 countries and maintains a net promoter score that is 2x the industry average. We reduce time-to-market, improve quality, and reduce costs. Also, we help in building sustainable business models that thrive on efficiency, resilience, and adaptability.

Zmanda Enterprise Backup

Zmanda is the #1 open-source enterprise backup and recovery solution with over 1 million servers protected, helping customers in 45+ countries since 1991.

Zmanda is ideal for on-premise, virtualized, and hybrid cloud data centers, enabling back up to cloud, tape, NAS, and disk. Zmanda also supports advanced features, such as deduplication, zero-trust security, and 15-minute installs with containerized deployments.

Zmanda Endpoint Backup

Zmanda Endpoint Backup (ZEB) provides enterprises and SMBs a scalable, cloud-based, centrally-managed endpoint backup solution. With a setup time of less than 10 minutes, get the reliability of Zmanda's proven backup engine.

Its enterprise-class features give you robust control over your organization’s backups while still being simple to administer. With Zmanda Endpoint Backup, companies can ensure data stored on corporate laptops and desktops is protected.

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